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Do you know Instagram boasts the highest engagement rate (on average) of all major social channels? Yes, you heard it right. The platform could be a new entrant compared to Twitter and Facebook but it easily stands over them today in terms of engagement. And as you are aware, solid “engagement” with target audience is one of the most important aspects to leverage prospects of sales. Interestingly, this is not the sole reason to bank on Instagram to promote your brand. The post below offers a sneak-peek on why Instagram is a great platform today to scale up your brand online.

Colossal member base

Instagram is bustling with over 1 billion monthly active users. Such a massive member-base assures excellent exposure for any brand that creates a business account on Instagram.

The visual quotient

A major reason why Instagram has been able to beat social giants like Facebook or Twitter is its visual quotient. Unlike other social platforms that allow both text and visual posts, Instagram is entirely visual. Yes, you can certainly include texts in your post but the “visual” aspect is always the dominating part here. Our brain is more attracted to visual imagery than textual one. Naturally, Instagram is able to fetch more engagement compared to other social platforms. You can also buy Instagram video views today. Wish to Buy Instagram Video Views? You will get them in various price ranges.

Focus on storytelling

Instagram’s primary focus is always on telling a story. Humans have always been attracted to stories since childhood. As Instagram enables a brand to showcase its offerings in form of stories, it helps the business to fetch in higher engagement organically. And, higher engagement eventually leads to more conversions.

We will wind up the discussion with few pro tips to market your brand on Instagram-

  • Post more video contents than image ones 
  • Use relevant and targeted hashtags for all your posts and Stories
  • Don’t be too salesy with your posts
  • Post visually appealing and inspiring contents
  • Communicate and engage with visitors and followers regularly
  • Be regular and consistent with posts

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