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The summers knocked on the doors of our lives in mid-April as always and have reached peak form now in June but there is more to it than just another season this time as it also brought along the corona virus pandemic for a change, which has not gone down well as the death toll keeps mounting.

It is not to say that the summer heat is the cause of Covid-19 but just that blame it on China for spreading this deadly virus to the rest of the globe and the situation has gone from bad to worse in the past few months.

Coming back to the topic, this summer, aside from the corona virus, has been its usual hot and fiery self and the garden too is in its worst phase where the plants and flowers are getting dried up which is why a solution needs to be worked out.

Garden Remedy

People who have an expertise in gardening know the importance of an air hose reel in their backyard and how it is used to water the green plants and flowers on a regular basis in order to prevent them from wilting into oblivion.

The hose is always kept wrapped up but it is difficult to unwrap it and it depends on the weight and size so let us now look at some of the best models to have come out in 2020.

  • Hoselink Retraceable-

It is easy on the eyes as it does not have color to distract you from the model and is quite smooth to hold with a year warranty

  • Ames Estate-

It has a strong steel frame that can withstand almost anything and comes with a 3 year warranty

Suncast Powerwind- It can hold up to nearly 110ft of hose with a 10 year warranty and a 20 volt rechargeable battery that you can get at an affordable price at https://mygaragetool.com/best-air-hose-reels-reviews/

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