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In October 2005, there was a stampede of people trying to file for bankruptcy relief before the new bankruptcy code went into effect. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) struck fear into the heart of debtors and bankruptcy attorneys alike. The changes were said to be sweeping including Means Testing to qualify for Chapter 7 relief, required debtor education prior to discharge and even credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy relief. Many individuals were misled and/or misinformed and believed that if they did not file before the deadline they would not be allowed to file later. Now five years later, those of us who work in the bankruptcy field see that most of the changes were easy to tolerate once we learned the new laws; however, some are more trouble than they have been beneficial. One serious problem with the Bankruptcy Code lies in debts that cannot be discharged.

According to 11 U.S.C. §523 , the debts that are not dischargeable through bankruptcy include but are not limited to:

  • Most taxes
  • Child support and alimony
  • Student loans
  • Debt obtained by fraud, false pretenses or a false representation
  • Debt to a single creditor incurred for luxury goods or services within 90 days of filing
  • For death or personal injury caused by the debtor while driving intoxicated
  • Restitution payments under title 18 of the United States Code

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Other types of debts are also non-dischargeable in bankruptcy; however, the above are the most common. Typically, taxes, student loans and domestic support obligations account for the majority of debts that are not discharged through bankruptcy. Prior to 1998, student loans could be discharged through bankruptcy but Congress amended the Bankruptcy Code to make student loans that were federally secured non-dischargeable. Then with the passage of BAPCPA in 2005, student loans with private lenders were also non-dischargeable. Students graduating college are carrying heavy debt loads before they ever enter the work force in the form of student loans. These loans have high monthly payments and accrue interest during periods of deferment only increasing the amount owed under the student loans. Because they cannot afford the student loan payments, individuals begin to rob Peter to pay Paul increasing their debt with credit cards and unsecured personal loans. As their debt load increases and their income decreases or stays the same, they are forced to consider bankruptcy as an option. However, because they cannot discharge their student loans they will continue to be faced with finding the means to pay them after the bankruptcy case is completed. Many find themselves back in the same position years later with credit cards and personal loans creating an unbearable situation. Some again turn to bankruptcy (you can file again after 8 years) to rid themselves of their debt.

As with student loans, taxes are another debt that survives the bankruptcy and leaves the debtor in a position of finding a means to pay this debt. Again, many individuals will turn to credit again in an attempt to relieve themselves of this tax debt thinking they can pay the credit cards or finance companies this time. However, one serious illness or one job loss will leave them unable to pay their debts again. Perhaps instead of including taxes and student loans in the list of non-dischargeable debts individuals should pay a portion of the debt based on their assets and income. The Means Test introduced with BAPCPA caps the income level of individuals who may file for Chapter 7 relief to keep people from abusing bankruptcy discharges. However, that income level is relatively low with many people having a negative budget each month without taking into consideration a student loan or tax liability payment. By not discharging student loans or tax debts, the Congress is in effect telling these people that they do not make enough income to pay their normal living expenses but they will still be straddled with this debt even after they file for bankruptcy relief. This is counterproductive in the long term and should be re-evaluated to prevent a never-ending cycle of debt accumulation related to student loans and tax debts.


Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. Only an attorney can provide legal advice. Seek the counsel of an attorney before making any decisions about bankruptcy, student loans or tax debts.

Tiktok gained magnum popularity throughout the world. Each individual on TikTok desires to be famous on the platform to gain quick fame and success. There are billions of TikTok download around the world with each passing second; hence here are some best quality tips to get the best of TikTok.

  • Content creation

Every individual is expected to produce something new to the platter. Be creative with your content; avoid abusive, absurd and violent content.

  • Expand traffic

Expansion of your content could only be obtained through an upsurge in traffic. Through hashtags. Put the most relatable hashtags on your posts. Make sure to put the hashtags in fragments, for example, #Tiktok #download #music. Knowing the deepest genre of your content would help you to find the most relatable search hashtags.

  • Charming profile

Try to keep an eye-catching profile that would attract the onlookers. Keep your onlookers hooked with the information and content on your profile. Ensure vibrant color combinations as well as design and layout. Your clothing must be trendy as TikTok download is an entertainment platform.

  • Non controversial content

It must be kept at an umpteen importance to make the content clean. Make sure not to cross the line to create more views on your profile. The cybercrime department does not spare profile detected for sexist, absurd and abusive behavior towards other humans and animals.

  • Effective marketing

Collaboration videos are the most effective and command way of sharing the fame from the content. One can put off such videos on multiple platforms to increase interface.

To get the best of TikTok is consistency with your work. Timely update and interaction with followers and prime necessity and the stepping stone towards making yourself known to a bigger crowd. The rest will further follow the hard work of consistency.

Rich hippie is a cool little company that specializes in organic cosmetica perfumes. Bohemian wedding is one of their popular roll-on style of organic perfumes. They have many other tantalizing sounding scents and I have been anxious to try them.

I recently decided to treat myself to a small bottle of this perfume. Since there is nowhere near to try on this particular brand of perfume I decided to purchase on-line. The reviews suggested it was earthy and divinely scrumptious. Personally I was envisioning either something spicy and earthy or a nag champa type scent. The reviews claimed that it was an earthy exotic scent with spicy undertones. Patchouli was definitely expected in my mind.

Imagine my surprise when the scent turned out to be a dud! It actually reminds me of the smell of the bathhouses where I grew up in Lake Ontario. Which is not a compliment. The scent smells like some kind of cleaner, not perfume. It is definitely worth the price I paid ($45 for a teeny tiny 1/8 oz. bottle). The scent is not long-lasting at all and seemed to be completely dissipated within 15 minutes! The scent is not anything I would describe as “bohemian”! I am really disappointed in this scent! Though the company Rich Hippie must have good marketing because I still want to try some of the other scents! Or maybe I am just a sucker for trying new fragrances. I really wanted to like this one, but I definitely do not and I don’t recommend anyone waste their money on it either. It really was that bad! I would definitely try to find somewhere to test this product before purchasing as it may smell differently on yourself.

The ingredients of his product are listed as; extracts from organic and wildcrafted flowers, organic alcohol. The company is based out of Los Angeles, California and their website is www.rich-hippie.com

I must say I find it a hoot that there is even such a thing as “organic alcohol”. I really think I have been had by slick marketing. Or maybe I am just the victim of a bad batch? I do know that organic products are usually a bit less stable on the shelves due to the lack of preservatives and other nasty ingredients.

I also do wonder what kind of organic flowers, etc. were used to make this scent. I am very leary of companies that don’t disclose ingredients on their products. Especially beauty products that are touted as organic! What’s the big secret?

This perfume can be purchase all over the Internet from $40 for a small bottle to over $100 for the larger size. I really don’t recommend it for the reasons stated above, It is way overpriced and doesn’t even smell nice! I am a bit bummed with this purchase.

I purchased my bottle through a private seller via amazon.com and even though I received exceptional customer service I am entertaining the thought of returning this perfume if I am able. It really is that bad! I have also learned the lesson that you really need to try on perfume before purchasing it. Though this has been my first bad experience with an on-line perfume purchase. Maybe I have just gotten lucky in the past. I will definitely make sure from now on to purchase from a retailer that offers a money-back guarantee on their items as I’d hate to think I am out $45 and left with a bottle of perfume that I won’t use!

Cricket is a game invented by the British that is played all over the world and is considered a big/major sport for lots of countries. Even though one of the first recorded international matches was played between the United States and Canada (back in the 1800s) the sport has never caught on in the United States as much as it has in the rest of the world. This guide will help you learn and play the sport of cricket and enjoy it with the rest of the world.

Some important facts for people who think cricket is very easy (especially easier than baseball):

  • Cricket is not baseball!!! It is actually quite difficult than baseball. No, really it is. Baseball players think that cricketers have a paddle so they can easily hit the ball, but they are quite wrong. In baseball, you can estimate the direction in which you want to hit the ball but can never hit it consistently in a precise manner and direction that you wish. But in Cricket, the batsmen have the ability to maneuver the ball anywhere (360 degrees) on the field with extreme precision
  • The Cricket ball is at least 1.5 times harder than a baseball. And guess what, the fielders in cricket don’t have gloves!!! How about that for tough hands? The only person in cricket that is allowed to wear gloves during fielding is the wicket-keeper.
  • Cricket pitches/bowling deliveries can come over speeds of 90 mph+ from some fast bowlers. And these pitches are not just straight; they can bounce and swing either in or away from the batsmen (depending on how the bowler bowls it).
  • Unlike in baseball, it is perfectly legal to bowl/pitch the ball on to batsman’s body.

The sport is played with two teams of 11 players each. Each team includes:

  • A wicketkeeper (similar to the catcher in baseball)
  • Couple (usually 2-3) fast and medium-paced bowlers/pitchers
  • Couple (usually 2-3) spinners (bowlers who can turn the ball)
  • And batsmen

There are three different versions of the sport: Test Match, One Day, and Twenty20 along with different tournaments that you can watch through the CPL live streaming 2020.

Test Match

In regards to the duration of the game, the Test Match is the longest form of cricket. It is a hard-fought battle played through 5 days, in which each team gets to bat for two innings. One inning consists of getting 10 players of the opposite (batting) team out or having them declare their batting. This is the most traditional form of cricket, the oldest, and according to some the purest. For the purposes of this article, I will focus more on One Day and the Twenty20.

One Day

This form of cricket consists of a team batting for 50 overs (600 legal deliveries/pitches). One over consists of 6 legal deliveries/pitches. The batting team tries to score the most runs in their allotted 50 overs while the bowling team tries to contain and/or bowl out the batting team within those 50 overs. After a target total score is set by the batting team, the bowling team comes on the field to bat and tries to chase the target within their allotted 50 overs.


The newest form of cricket, developed mainly to attract very young crowds and other nations where cricket is not the most popular sport. This is the most explosive form of cricket. Instead of the 50 overs that each team gets in the One Days, here each team only gets 20 overs (120 legal deliveries/pitches) to set a formidable target for the other team to chase.

Playing the Game:

The cricket field is oval-shaped with a 3m wide and 22-yard long strip of a flat surface that is called the pitch. This is where the batting and the bowling take place (the center of the field). There are three wooden “wickets” on each end of the pitch. The main objective of the bowler is to hit those wickets when bowling to the batsman. Whereas the batsman tries to protect those wickets while facing the ball so as to not get out. The field is set accordingly by the captain and the bowler, with the wicket-keeper standing behind the wickets of the batsman. At a time there are two batsmen on the field. One facing the ball (on the end of the pitch) and the other on the opposite end (from where the bowler would pitch the ball). As the ball is pitched, the batsman tries to hit the ball away from the fielders and both the batsmen cross each other to score a run. Also, if the batsman is able to clear the boundary (the outside ending line of the cricket field) with the ball bouncing at least once inside the field he gets 4 runs. If he clears the boundary without the ball bouncing inside the field (aka homerun) he gets 6 runs.

While the batsmen are running (crossing each other) to score runs, the fielder tries to throw the ball to either end of the pitch to try and get the batsman running on that end out.

Different ways to get the batsman out:

  • The bowler hits the wicket at the batting end with the ball while bowling. The batsman is bowled.
  • The batsman hits the ball in the air and a fielder catches it before the ball drops on the ground. The batsman is caught.
  • If the ball hits the batsman on his front leg pads and if the ball was sure going to hit wickets if the leg wasn’t there while being pitched in the line of the wickets. The batsman is out because of Leg Before Wicket (lbw).
  • A fielder hits the wickets while the batsman is out of the crease (the line that the batsman always has to stay inside or cross when running to get score runs). The batsman is run out.
  • The batsman misses the pitched ball and is out of his crease and the wicketkeeper collects the ball and hits the wickets before the batsman can come back into the crease. The batsman is stumped.
  • The ball comes off the batsman’s bat/body and hits the wickets. The batsman is out by Hit Wicket.

This is just a brief overview of the game. So now that you have some idea of what this game is about, it is time to actually go out and play this wonderful Gentlemen’s game of Cricket.


Gifts are an important part of our lives. We receive and give gifts to others as a symbol of love, friendship and affection for the other person. Gifts can help you maintain warm relationships with a lot of people and it is true in every field. If you are in the corporate sector, then you already know how important it is to give away gifts at times. These gifts help you achieve a great return-on-investment in the long run and spreads brand awareness majorly. Take a look at these amazing benefits of corporate gifts and visit reklaamkingitused to buy your favorite gifts at affordable prices.

  • Shows Your Care –

when you are running a business or company, it is crucial that you reflect your warmth and affection for certain people. When you show care for others, one day that will come back to you again. Giving a shows that you value their presence and really want to be with them.

  • Personal Touch –

gifts can really help you add a personal touch to the relationship you are maintaining. You can easily add a note, letter or specialized gift that the person can relate to. Therefore, reflecting your amazing thoughtfulness the right way.

  • Cheers Up The Mood –

it is really essential that you maintain a cheerful and harmonious relationship with your clients always. This helps you get the best deals and win bonuses like no one else. Gifts are the best way to cheer up the mood and makes the person on the receiving end really happy. That is why you are in a better way to get your business flowing on a regular basis.

So, these are some of the essential benefits of corporate gifts that you should know about. Make sure to select one for yourself and send it to your clients and important associates.

Reloading is a great way for many people to procure the right amount of ammunition as they require, whenever they want. This happens as, through this process, they can easily produce ammo by themselves without having to purchase the mass-produced ones. This method is not only cost-effective but it also gives the people full control over the type of ammo they want to make. The components, quantity, type, etc, everything can be adjusted as they require this method. If you want to know about the 3 Best Reloading Presses for Beginners in 2020, then you must know a few things.

What are the different types of reloading presses?

The different types of reloading presses are:

  • Single-stage press:

During the reloading process,  a single-stage press could use only one die at each stage. Therefore, working through all the casings is required at every stage, after which, the die will have to be changed for working on the next one.

  • Turret press:

This press only allows you to perform one casting at one stage, however, it is different from a single-stage press as several dies keep rotating around the whole turret during the reloading procedure.

  • Progressive Press:

In this press, multiple dies are held forming a circle, and a shell plate is used to keep the rounds moving from one of the dies to another.

The 3 Best Reloading Presses for Beginners in 2020 would most probably include a single-stage press due it its low level of complexity. The ease of use provided by a single-stage press plays an important role when choosing a press for a beginner. As a beginner may not be able to use a Progressive Press that effectively owing to a lack of experience, he should start with a Single-stage press.

So I recently lost my job and decided to try my luck on Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 and hopefully make a few bucks. Well, I’m learning, that’s good news. The bad news… Well, I can’t really sum that up in one sentence let alone one quick blog here. In short, I’ve been wading through piles of garbage and, maybe, I’ll find a gem every 40 hours of time invested. Part one begins now.

I started with surveys so that’s what I will discuss first. Surveys seemed like a logical place to begin and who isn’t thrilled by the idea of getting paid to give your opinion. Google here I come. So I typed in a couple “key” words and off I went. I found a couple of sites that promised immediate returns. All they wanted was my name, address, email, and maybe a phone number. No credit card – that was a plus. After completing registration nearly every survey site had some sort of $5 bonus for completing a “get to know you” section. Almost every site I found out of about 20 or so was identical to this format. Create an account profile – get money credited to you(or “points” which often worked like money but were sometimes only redeemable for gift cards, etc).

Sadly the “surveys” were essentially Internet affiliates that were being paid to advertise for other companies. They would get paid X amount from Y company, and pay you X-$1 if you sign up through their links. So, in reality, you’re not making any money at all. You’re merely being redirected through a site that’s offering a “coupon.”

Now you may ask, “Well what about that $5 bonus you got for registration?” Well, that money is coming from…you guessed it…your information (I imagine this information is being sold or traded). But also remember you haven’t gotten paid yet. Even if it says your account has $5 in it. Nearly every site, I’m not dignifying them with a name or a link because I’m that disgusted – contact me for a list of sites to avoid, requires you to accrue a certain amount of money before you can cash out(minus processing fees) so this leaves you with only a few real options.

First, you can brute force it. You can buy all that stuff on there that you were hopefully going to buy anyway and accumulate some cash that way. If you weren’t going to buy it anyway, you’re wasting your time and money. Then when you hit $30 or $50 you cash out.

Second, you can read about 20 paid emails a day at $.02 a pop and cash out in 6 months. You might be able to get this down to a month or so if you actually try to complete some real “surveys.” Like I said though, the surveys are misleading at best. Although most offers were simple, buy this and get $X, some were actual surveys or questionnaires. Unfortunately, demographics are your worst friend. Any survey from any company can be terminated at any time because you like this drink or that drink, or you like brand X instead of brand Y. They don’t need to tell you why. You’ve already completed 15 minutes of the survey and, if you’re human, at this point you probably feel used and manipulated. I’m sure all that unused information is going right into the garbage.

But if you finish the survey and manage to net $3.00/hour, congratulations. Furthermore, if you’ve managed to skirt the lines of at least two different Disclosure Agreements, if you haven’t had your account banned for failing to read paid emails, you haven’t had an aneurysm from stress, you met the minimum cash balance, and and and… Basically there’s a lot working against you.

Well, you did it though and you’re getting your check. Yes, you are…two months from now. Seriously. Even if you did it all for money and you reached the finish line – you have to keep doing it or that check will never come! Part 2 is coming and I’ll talk about the few good(and free!) sites I found.

Our unemployment rates are the highest ever. Everyday people are finding themselves out of a job. More and more people are turning to the internet to make their sole income. While many sites offer cash for doing various jobs, such as sending emails, answering live help calls, and clicking ads, many aren’t exactly what they say they are. Hidden fees, certain checkout amounts, and other things are usually hidden in the small text that nobody ever reads. But fortunately, there are a few sites that you really can make a living from, by doing nothing more than just playing games.


Moola.com – This has to be my favorite choice out of all of the game sites online. Moola is a free to start massive online community of players. Every time you lose your money, you get another free penny to start gaining it again. There are games such as Higher or Lower, Rock Paper Scissors, and many other games. Each game you ‘bet’ an amount of cash that you have, and win double that if you win. Moola has been around for a few years and has already given away 9 million dollars. 9 million free dollars to people that just sit at home and play games. Doesn’t that sound awesome? With the awesome fashion information, the taking of online course is effective at Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. The products should be of high-quality content to deliver the best results. The payment should be done with the safe and secure methods to gain the benefit. No loss of money is there to get effective results.

Gamesville.com – This would have to be my second choice. Not only is it free to join, you never have the risk of losing any money that you’ve already earned, since every game is free to play with a cash prize for the winner! You have literally dozens of different games to play, at any time of the day. If you’re looking to make some quick cash by playing games you love, this would be the site you’d want.

Exodus3000.com – I’m guessing you’ve never heard of this site, right? This isn’t your average pay to play site. Think of it as getting played to level up in a game such as Runescape. The story, you’re on Mars. You get paid in MD (Mars Dollars) for what you do on Mars, such as mine gold, finding volcanoes, and other tasks. At the end of the month, you can trade your Mars Dollars in for real cash! If you’re looking for some long term online money making, I’d try this site first.

Well there you have it! Three amazing sites to make money online while just playing games. There are virtually 100’s of different sites offering to pay money for playing games, but these are the three that I have found to work wonderfully. I hope they work for you too!

If you are using Instagram for a long time, and still you cannot gain attention or the followers, then your profile needs to be improved. You have to focus on creating it more attractive and impressive than before. It can be tough and easy, which depends on the person and their knowledge. Even making use of InstaPrivateViewer helps in checking out private Instagram profiles without any issue.

You should stay till the end of the article by which you will get to know what things are you missing and your profile too. There is no need of any specialized software because everything can be done right within the application itself. 

All you need to take care of is the fonts as there are plenty of fonts available online, among which you can choose any of them you like the most. This is the first step of being creative, and you will get to improve your profile with this.

These are some tips and tricks you should remember.

If you are new, then you should consider all the tips which will be going to discuss below. You should not miss any of them as they all are essential-

  • Start with the bio-

Bio is the column in which you can describe about yourself. You should start from there as because people first notice that only. Choose different fonts and write something beautiful about yourself. 

  • No more blur DP-

Your display picture should be crystal clear so that people may find it attractive. That could be the reason to gain new viewers and followers on your profile. You should edit it first and then upload it.

Archive the old ones-

The old post which you find out not that interesting should be archived. By using the archive option, you can make them hidden for as long as you want.

Have there ever been times in your life when you’ve been stalked by the opposite sex? We have been seeing such cases since time immemorial when girls have constantly complained about a crazy guy following them around and constantly harassing them through phone calls, anonymously of course.

However, this is the modern age and the situation has turned mutual where even girls don’t hesitate to show their wild side and there have been innumerable incidents when the gals have stalked the guys and harassed them through calls and messages.

The social media has made things even more complicated as calls and texts have made way for Whatsapp messages and video calls thereby making things creepier even though it has made it easy to track such persons as well compared to old times when there were only wired telephones.

Tackling the Issue

While the problems are aplenty, the solutions are there as well and it just requires quick thinking alongwith patience and perseverance to clear through any issue that threatens your smooth lifestyle.

If you want to gain information about the person that is anonymously calling you or sending lewd messages, then there is no better place than https://aquiestcenumero.org/ as it is the official website of the reverse directory where you can get all the info you need about the individual in question.

The most obvious step is to type the number on Google and start searching the reverse directory section where you can find the call details of other friends that regularly call and message you and it would easily reveal their location.

Start searching your E-mail app where some message might pop up about anyone sending you their phone number or other info, which in any case can be traced easily through the e-mail address.

Do an extensive research on all the social media platforms especially Whatsapp and Snapchat where the messages are encrypted and the person might have send you details.

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