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The topic of discussion for today is one that everyone is familiar with and has been talked about over and over again among the experts but each time something new pops up to make it more interesting and intriguing.

Bitcoins are still popular among everyone and even today sell like hot cakes when it comes to crypto money and that is saying something seeing that it was launched nearly a decade back.

By definition, it is defined as decentralized currency that is not regulated by any central bank and is therefore its own boss. It is also the biggest branch among other cryptocurrencies and has thousands of users worldwide.

Bitcoin Loophole

Just like any other successful venture or person, bitcoin also has its fair share of critics and has been accused of being a ponzi scheme that is simply to cheat innocent people of their hard earned money.

An interesting article that can be read online regarding the same is available online is Bitcoin Loophole that has listed numerous loopholes about bitcoin that punctures numerous claims about it that you can read by clicking at this link https://www.greatpeace.org/en/bitcoin-loophole-review/.

The review of Bitcoin Loophole notwithstanding, it has numerous positive points that need to be delved into that are as follows:

  1. There is no need to reveal the details of the financial transactions that are made that decreases the risk of fraud
  2. The transaction fees is greatly reduced where you don’t have to pay anything extra for international payment unlike the regular transactions made by card
  3. The payment process is easy and quick and is completed in a short time with little room for delay


  1. Bitcoins help you to get smart business contracts from reputed business organizations
  2. Digital transactions are confirmed through the process of Bitcoin Mining, which helps to expand business through smart network

When a new credit account is opened in your name by identity thieves, they may end up in creating thousands of dollars outstanding in your name. If the amount is overdue for a long time, the card issuer / creditor may approach a collection agency. The collection agency may in turn approach you – the original identity holder – for money. At that time, the fraud of identity thieves will be exposed. To avoid this, they may file bankruptcy in your name. Either the file can be filled on the name of person or business through the bankruptcy attorney san diego. The decision will be taken through the person with proper knowledge of the things. 

Bankruptcy is the worst of the troubles which you may face in your financial life. If bankruptcy is filed, it will spoil your credit report totally.

The details of bankruptcy would remain on your credit report for a period of 7 to 10 years. You may not be able to get any credit from the market and even if you get any, the interest rates will be extremely high. This can be a sickening experience for anyone, but imagine the situation when bankruptcy is fraudulently filed in your name!

It is very difficult to convince anyone in the financial world that the bankruptcy is filed fraudulently in your name. Appointing an attorney and fighting the case in the court can be very expensive affair. Before doing that here are some tips to handle this most devastating fraud.

  1. Inform the U.S. Trustee about the fraudulent filing of bankruptcy in your name. In your communication, provide your proof of identity also. The proof may be a copy of your driver’s license, your social security number or your birth certificate.
  2. Obtain copies of all the related documents from the court in which the bankruptcy was filed.
  3. You should file a complaint with the FBI as well as with the U.S. Attorney. This complaint should be filed in the city in which fraudulent bankruptcy was filed.
  4. You need to inform this matter to IRS also by filing a form 3949-A.
  5. You need to appoint your own attorney also because U.S. Trustee will not represent you in court nor they will give you any advice.

While contacting the about agencies, give all information about this fraud as well as your identity details. Your personal information will be kept confidential. Send all correspondence by certified mail to ensure that it goes in the right hands.

You have to be fast in taking these actions. As more and more time goes by, the damage may become bigger and may be beyond any repairs.

With the bad economy more and more people are beginning to dumpster dive for fun and even profit. Dumpster diving can help to save you money and even save the planet by limiting the waste that gets thrown into landfills. People dumpster dive for many reasons and for many items. This article list some of the more popular items and where to find them.

Food may not be something that every dumpster diver will want to dive for. However diving for food can save you money. Diving for food can also be safe. While it may seem that trashed would be bad places to get trash often industrial trash is collected more frequently then home trash and is cleaner. However when diving for food you should still be careful and not get anything that is questionable.

Many food locations throw out food before the sale by date. Often food can be found in bags, cans, or boxes. If you find food that is unopened then you should not have any major problems though it will depend on the food. Food that needs to be cold may not last and not be good to eat. Meats are not a good food to get either.

Some good places to get foods are bakeries, grocery stores, and speciality foods stores. Trader Joes is a particularly good place to dive. According to Lakeland dumpster rental, Trader Joes almost always has lots of good food that they throw out much sooner then the food needs to be sold by. In this place, you will find plenty and wide variety of food and items. Surely, if you want to go dumpster diving, you would choose a place that has a lot of things to offer. As such, Trader Joes is one of the places where you can find a lot of usable things.

Furniture is another popular item to dumpster dive for. Often you can find furniture out on the curb and not have to dive at all. Other popular furniture destinations include apartments or schools particularly at the end of term. You can even find furniture at office stores sometimes.

Books are common trash finds. Some good locations to find books include libraries as odd as that may sound I have found lots of good books there even antique ones. Book stores are guaranteed to have some books however they often rip off the front cover to send to publishers to get money back sometimes though you can find books that were not damaged at all as they got lost in the shuffle. Used books stores are great because they do not tend to take the time to rip off the book covers and there is no incentive for them to since they can not send them to publishers for money.

There are lots of good miscellaneous locations to dumpster dive. People homes including apartments or dorms. The Goodwill or similar thrift stores are often good places to find things. Most stores as long as they do not have locks on their garbage are good. Clothes stores can be great places to look. If you see a store going out of business that is a good place to look. Even corporate dumpsters can be great finds sometimes you can get furniture or electronics from these places.

In the US if the garbage is not locked up it is legal to take it. However cities may have ordinances against it so you should check first to make sure it is legal. New York City is a popular Dumpster Diving location but it is actually illegal in NYC though there is rarely a problem but be warned and do not do anything illegal.

There are two types of livings beings on the face of the earth: humans and animals and both are equally important due to their significant contribution in making this planet a better place to live in.

Both have to be given equal amount of credit that they can coexist in the same atmosphere and need to rely on each other on different occasions to get the job done, which they are doing with excellent results.

In such a scenario, it becomes apparent that their health is being compromised and needs to be taken care of but it is the humans who are given the first preference while the animals are relegated to the sidelines.

Dog Alert

CBD oil is one of the best outcomes to have come out for modern mankind due to its ability to treat various kinds of diseases but people want to know whether it can do the same for dogs as well and we are going to find out if there is any CBD oil for pets.

As is known, this oil comes from extracts of cannabis/marijuana plants and comes from tropical areas due to which it is pure and original without any side effects to worry about.

But researches are being conducted by experts on a regular basis and till now, there is nothing to prove whether the oil will be as effective on dogs as it has been on human beings as certain tests have claimed that dogs are completely unresponsive when the CBD oil is tried out on them.

Being non psychoactive, CBD has various health benefits and have the same on dogs as a part of therapy but it is guaranteed that it will not make them ‘high’ due to low concentration of THC in its contents, which won’t be very pleasing to them or any animal for that matter.

The Gateway NV5503u laptop, priced at $450, is one of the best inexpensive computers on the market. I recently purchased this Gateway as a work computer for when I am away from my desktop. Having been disappointed by the lack of functionality on my iPad and a previous laptop, I was in the market for an inexpensive laptop with a large screen, fast processor and plenty of memory. The NV5503u has plenty of power and functionality, but it does have a few drawbacks.

Highlighted Features

I don’t want to bore my readers with a list of tech specs; however, there are a few important specifications to keep in mind when purchasing a laptop. This Gateway comes equipped with 3GB of DDR3 memory (RAM), 320GB hard drive, Intel graphics card, 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB ports, DVD player, Wi-Fi and Windows 7. The large hard drive space gives you plenty of room for storing large files, while the webcam gives decent resolution for video chatting. The 3 USB ports and windows 7 are a great addition for laptops in this price range.


The 3GB of DDR3 memory gives enough power for efficient multitasking, such as internet browsing and media viewing. However, I have found that it lags during heavy periods of multitasking. For faster speeds, I would recommend updating the DDR3 memory to 8GB for faster processing speeds. For the casual user, the included 3GB is powerful enough for everyday tasks.

Battery Life

Battery life is rated at around 4-hours, with actual use I have found that two to three hours are about average. The reason for the lost battery life? Wi-Fi, wireless mouse and higher performance settings drain the battery at a faster rate. However, using the power saver option on the battery setting gives a greatly reduced performance, which is not worth the extra battery life. You may not want to bring your laptop to the cheap computer repair in London even though the service there is great. So always make sure that when buying laptop, choose one that has a durable and long battery life. This will help you save money in the long run.


When I first purchased this Gateway, I thought the 15.6″ widescreen would seem small. However, this was not the case. Windows 7 offers a great feature that allows you to take two open windows and “lock” them into half of the screen. This allows you to work simultaneously and improves efficiency. The screen is large enough to multitask without squinting at the screen. I would advise against the smaller screens on budget laptops because the difference between a 15.6″ screen and 14″ screen is very noticeable.


Setting up the computer with the Windows 7 OS is very easy. Within five minutes of taking the laptop out of the box, I had everything up and running. For the novice and casual user, the setup process is painless. The keyboard comes equipped with a full numeric keypad, which is an excellent feature for a laptop of this price range. The keys give enough space to type, but I did find some problems with the touchpad. The touchpad has a feature that allows you to go back or forward with the swipe of two or three fingers, respectively. However, the sensitivity and lag time between swipes makes this great feature hard to use. Overall, the usability of this laptop is good, but it could use some improvements to the touchpad.

Overall Satisfaction

For a laptop under $500, this Gateway NV55C03u is an excellent purchase. This laptop is great for someone looking for a supplemental computer or one for moderate use. However, I would upgrade the RAM for heavy users to increase multitasking efficiency.

Got a hunter on your Christmas list? Here are some great tips to get the perfect present. Whether your hunter’s game of choice is deer, turkey, elk, moose, pheasant, quail, rabbit or grouse, these presents will fit the bill quite nicely.

Don’t you just love Christmas? It’s that time of the year when normally placid individuals turn into desperate, near psychopathic, mercenaries combing the malls and department stores for that perfect gift. Compounding that problem further is having a hunter on your list especially when you don’t hunt. So here are some tips to get you on the right path. In this article, tips will be provided for the selection of the best binoculars for birding 2020. The selection of the right path should be done through the hunters to enjoy hunting. 

First, let’s start with stocking stuffers. Disposable hand warmers are a great place to start. They come in little plastic sleeves sometimes individually, but more often in packages of 10 or so. These are very cheap and very useful. They create a small amount of heat to keep fingers from falling off. They can even be placed inside boots or used to warm ears, cheeks, and anything that gets too cold. Hunters are a small group that actually likes to receive socks for Christmas. Standard wool socks are always needed. Also check out the high tech socks that are ultra thin and are used to wick perspiration away from the skin. Most hunters are unlikely to buy them, but they are great. Flashlights of various kinds are also great, you can never have enough.

A standard present always in need is a multi-tool. Made by companies like Gerber and Leatherman, these tools are like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids. They generally revolve around a plier platform and come in a multitude of sizes. I have a set in each tackle box, my muzzleloader bag, hunting backpack, and glove box. The smaller sizes are great for slipping into a pocket.

Any of the combination hatchet and knife sold commonly these days is a great present as well. These two widely used tools for field dressing big game in one package is a handy thing to have. Some models are actually a hatchet with a knife in the handle cutting down even further on space.

A headlamp is an item usually reserved for raccoon hunters but has its place in other hunting as well. A headlamp is nothing more than a flashlight attached to a headband. The light generally pivots to adjust the aim of the beam. Whether tracking a deer or working on the truck after dark, a headlamp can be an invaluable tool.

Other great ideas for hunters include GPS (designed for use in the field), targets, satellite phones (to make emergency calls for pizza where there isn’t cell phone service), hunting books and videos, jerky makers (food dehydrator), and wild game cookbooks.

Stay away from clothing, boots, binoculars, and scopes as these are generally items that the hunter has a personal preference. If you want to buy your hunter a gun, go for it! I’ve yet to see a gun that I wouldn’t take as a present regardless of my ‘need’ for it.

The least of your worries when taking your dog to the groomer is whether they will come out with a good haircut. Millions of dogs are abused every year by groomers. In addition, even the unthinkable huge vet bills and death can occur to your beloved pet in the wrong hands. You should feel one hundred percent comfortable with who is handling your beloved family member. Making sure they are safe is number one, how good of a cut they will come home with is secondary.

  • Does your groomer have a list of long standing grooming customers? A groomer that treats animals well, and does a fantastic job grooming them should easily be able to provide you with virtually endless referrals. Happy customers love to rave about how great their dogs look and how they were pampered getting beautified.
  • Will your groomer allow you to view and watch dogs while they are being groomed? This is important so that you can see what type environment your dog will be in while they are being groomed. You should also be able to get a true sense on how the animals are treated. However, this is not always fool proof. Some grooming facilities offer web cams which is a great option to ensure your dogs well being.
  • Can you get a full tour of the grooming facility? You want to make sure the grooming salon is the real deal. Some facilities have an observation area, which is kept neat and tidy, while the rest of the salon is unsanitary, and a mess. When a workspace is kept neat, and the employees are proud of their work, it will reflect on how they treat your pet.
  • Can you watch your dog being groomed? This does not have to be a forever deal, but feel it is important that you can be in proximity of your pet during their first few grooms so that you know the groomer is going to treat your per well and that their personalities click. Sometimes dogs do not like a person and you would rather a groomer opt out that look at the money lost. Most salons have several groomers so it will not be hard to find one that works for your best friend.
  • Whats your groomers experience? This is where many people may argue but I will go with experience and a portfolio of proven before and after photos over a schooled groomer with little experience . Crudentials from schooling is nice, but I want the whole package. Ask to see photos of your groomers work along with the reference.
  • How well does your groomer communication? Being a groomer myself the hardest thing was taking my dog to someone else when life prevented me from giving my boy his haircut. I really talked to my groomer; I showed her photos of what I wanted my dog to look like. We really spent time talking, and the groomer made sure that my dog’s information was inputted in the computer so the next visit would be quick.

I hope this article will help you decide what is really important when looking for a groomer. Once you find that special person to take care of your pet, they will be your groomer for the rest of your precious ones life.

For more information about pet grooming and for some essential tips as well, you can visit http://www.colmars.com/ . This website educates people about the proper grooming and care for pets, both exotic and not.

Is there a secret to gaining top website placement in major search engines? Short answer: no, but there are many different tactics website owners can take to reach these high rankings. No, it isn’t some kind of magic or paying off the guys at Google, using a collection of search engine optimization methods, creating great content and participating in social media is the “secret” to top website placement in major search engines.

Yes, it is possible to gain top placement for your website but it’s going to take work. If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty and putting in the effort, you will succeed in high rankings. The following are various methods to grab high search engine rankings in major search engines. In order to get the first rank, click here at this site for availing of the benefit. all the tops secrets will be disclosed to the person at the website to remain ahead in the competition. 

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Before any work and effort is placed into trying to reach high ranks in search engines, it’s important to start from the beginning. The most important action a website owner can make with the intent to rank high in search engines is to start with a solid foundation of a well designed website.

The term most associated with building a great website is standard compliance. During the development, every effort should be made to create clean code which validates for HTML and CSS. A standard compliant website will more easily be picked up by search engines which directly relate to higher search engine rankings.

Additionally, the on-page search engine optimization tactics is to use the HTML tags for what they intend to be used for:

  • Fill out each page with its own unique, keyword rich title tag.
  • Use proper link structures without filler words like “and”, “or” and “the”
  • Use H1 – H6 tags for headings (most importantly, use H1 for the title of the page)
  • Interlink between pages using keyword anchor tags instead of “click here”
  • Try to use keywords throughout the content but not in a way that comes across as spam

With on-page search engine optimization checked off, you’ll now know that your website has been crafted toward the structures which major search engines love. This eye on perfection will lead to greater success at obtaining higher search engine rankings in the long run for your website.

Creating great content

The most crucial aspect of creating a website which ranks high in search engines is to produce content which people want to read and share. A short 400 word article which has no direction, keywords or value is considered by search engines much like how people see it: worthless.

So the question comes to this: “How do you create great content?”

Great content is considered such because it provides exceptional value to those who view it. Content which can be referenced for years is often dubbed “timeless content’ – this is the content your website should strive to produce. Because people find the content so helpful, search engines will take notice and give your website higher rankings because others have found it so helpful.

The second aspect to creating great content is the ability to share the content with others. No matter how great an article, video or audio piece may be, if no one feels the need to share it with others than it will continue to slink deep into search engine results. The best way to create shareable content is to create content that’s fresh, on topic, tells a new way to do things, debunks a myth, entertain and has a call to action which pushes others to share on other websites and social media.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are simply links on other websites which point back to your own. Although it may not be apparent up front, backlinks are actually one of the main reasons why certain websites rank high in major search engines.

A backlink is like telling search engines “this website has great content, it deserves to be seen”. Yeah, it’s a silly explanation but it’s just as easy as that.

More backlinks pointing to a website will indicate the information is relevant to others and so search engines, with their duty to give the best results, will display content from the website higher than those which don’t have backlinks.

So how do you gain more backlinks?

  • Share your content on social bookmarking websites
  • Write guest posts for blogs
  • Write articles and distribute them on the web
  • Create great content which people link to

The key to all of this, as explained above, is to market your content much like you would a product. Use a combination of active methods like bookmarking while always making sure to produce great content. As more backlinks continue to roll in, your website placement will continue to grow until you have top placement in search engines.

Choosing the right keyword

The keyword related to the content is the fourth and final aspect of a high ranking website. To be as blunt and simple as possible: use keywords which relate to your niche.

Don’t know what a niche is? A niche is a highly focused interest within a larger market. For example, if your website was about training only terrier dogs, that’s a niche. You’re not just talking about “dog training”; you’re going deeper into the topic.

So, with your niche in mind, you’ll need to choose the right keywords which will help you get ranked. The easiest way to choose keywords is to visit Google Adwords, Wordtracker or Wordstream and plunk in your main keyword to generate a list of related and relevant keywords related to your niche.

From there, use these keywords throughout your content and in the HTML tags to ensure your website ranks well.

And that’s it, really!

Many search engine optimization “experts” want you to believe that there are hundreds of little things which contribute to the overall rankings of a website. Sure, there are a lot of small things but in reality none of them have the same impact as creating a website with on-page optimization, creating great content, building backlinks and choosing the right keywords.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the information people will tell you about gaining high search engine rankings but instead of spending all your time researching and trying to find “the next trick”, use your time wisely to create great content, build those links and share it with others.

With these elements explained in the article, your website will soon have high search engine placement – as long as you put forth the effort.

So you know your relationship isn’t exactly going great. Once you’ve decided that you’re one of those people who are stuck in a bad relationship, you might want to continue reading this article. It may help you decide to either save or ditch your relationship in pursuit of your happiness. But before these useful tips are given, there is a crucial need to remind you that this article focuses on relationships that equates the element of love with some zest of frustration that creeps up with the factor of time (Relationship + Love + Frustration(time) = End It or Not?*). If you’ve never experienced these crucial elements, then this article is not for you.

*Warning! DO NOT use this equation to decide which direction to take in your relationship.

Now, let’s move on to the content of this article: To end or not to end it?

Firstly, it is important to decide if your relationship is worth saving. Do not forget that the crucial component in your decision here is your partner. Basically there is no point in saving a one-sided relationship. You can certainly try your absolute best to save it, but trust me, most likely you will just end up wasting your time (and let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger!). Instead, your time will be better invested in winning the love of someone who loves you in return. Seriously, why would you spend your time on someone who starts paving distance between you with ludicrous reasons? E.g. your partner starts sleeping in a separate room due to odorless gas problems that miraculously only occur at nights in your presence, or that your partner is constantly stuck in the office every night due to heavy snowstorm despite living in the desert. If your partner has given any of the excuses shown in the examples above, then do yourself a favor. Stop reading this article and go end your relationship now. Otherwise, please continue. If you decide to save your relationship, then be sure that your partner wants to save it just as much.

Secondly, be decisive about your decision. If you’re going to change your mind every few hours, days, weeks etc., then shouldn’t that be a clear enough sign that you’re just not that into your partner? Worse still, what if your partner feels just as indecisive? Uh oh… You should realize by now that love is a strong emotion that is difficult to accurately describe. It’s developed over time like a preserved fruit, acquiring its taste and becoming more refined with age. If this preserved fruit isn’t to your liking, then you will clearly have a problem with its taste. You and your partner need to decide your respective fruit preference before preserving it further. It is also important that you talk about some of the sensitive details of your life. Sex has proven to be a crucial factor in every relationship. Hence, if you have a problem in that aspect, then it is advisable that you and your partner talk about it. Sharing things like bluechew reviews should not be something to be ashamed of.

The third and important element will be the amount of effort that goes into salvaging your relationship. A relationship takes from both partners either equal effort for it to be successful or equal slackness for it to be a complete flop. And the thing that makes of breaks this factor is time. For example AA agrees to stop nagging BB about burping habit at the dining table provided that BB tries to stop this habit. This may all go well the first few days and maybe first few weeks. But habit is a tricky thing to change. BB might relapse into this habit subconsciously which will result in AA nagging BB all over again. This puts the relationship back into square one and the drama starts all over again. This constant reversion to square one can be emotionally dull for your relationship growth. So the question here is, can you and your partner be persistent in your respective efforts and avoid square one?

Thus far, the key factors in determining whether you should save it or end it can be simplified into DDET (pronounced Duh-det which ironically sounds like The Debt) which stands for Decision, Decisiveness and Effort (Time)).

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you simply can’t AND simply won’t live without your partner after reading this article despite the agony he/she sometimes put you in, then you should read Part 3 of this article: Resurrecting Your Dying Relationship. If you’ve decided to end your relationship, congratulations on wanting the best from your life, and all the best in finding your special someone.

Remember, relationship should feel effortless when you love one another. Once it starts feeling like a giant squid is awaiting to squirt you with ink with every single step you make, then it’s time to reassess (every pun intended) your relationship. At any stage of your relationship, you shouldn’t feel like you have to give your time to your partner. Instead, both of you should willingly WANT to do so .

Make it or break it, the choice is yours.

There is an old saying that “paint won’t peel unless there is a problem that is allowing water to get under it”. This saying is very true as I have proven in my career. Paint jobs done twenty years ago are just getting faded out enough to where people who can afford it as easily as you and I buy a soda, are just now thinking about getting there homes redone. As you learn how to paint and hone your painting skills you can learn new tips and tricks that can help you in improving your paintings significantly. Paintingkits.net is your ultimate guide for that. 

That is why a good painter has to know at least the basics of all the building trades. He will know if a gutter, flashing, or roof is leaking and causing problems with the paint. Or even if a landscaper had placed plants or sprinklers too close to a house thus keeping the siding continuously wet. Many water-related things can cause paint failure. Anyone who doesn’t troubleshoot and repair the other problems as they paint is nothing more than a paint slapper and has no right to call themselves a professional.

Another good thing to remember is that water can run (soak) uphill. Thus the only way that you can ensure a lasting paint job is to seal it completely before painting. Some people try to say that a house needs to breathe to be healthy. They are absolutely right, that is why they build vents into a house. On the other hand, they have enough built-in and don’t need any extra which is why they put vapor seals under the siding and also why all cracks should be sealed up with caulk before painting. This has a dual benefit, one being that it has a slight positive effect on heating and cooling bills as air is blocked from getting into the walls, thus forcing heat or cold to go through all layers of insulation to get in. The other good reason for caulking all cracks is that water can’t get in them then and be held there by the size of the crack until it causes the paint to peel.

If you always seal everything as airtight as you can then the paint applied afterward will last. Remember if the house was built right, to begin with, it has enough vents for airflow. And if air can’t get under the siding to deliver cold or heat to the walls vapor barrier then the cold and heat have to go through the siding to get in and depending on the type of siding as to how much insulation value that adds to a house.

Now that we have covered sealing the house let’s address the actual painting. Surely you have heard that oil and water don’t mix, well that is still true in painting. Oil-based paint can go over water-based paint once the water is thoroughly dried out of the paint. A water-based paint can’t go over oil without doing special preparation because the oil never really fully dries out, thus you end up trying to mix oil and water and it will easily peel or fall off then.

However if you first use an oil primer over oil paint and then lightly sand that primer, follow it with a latex primer and then the latex paint you can successfully use latex (water) based paint over oil.

Oil-based paints are great for interior kitchens and baths or anywhere inside you want a hard durable surface that can be washed many times over. If it is so hard and durable why not use it outside then? The reason is that it needs to be in a climate-controlled area because it is so hard that it doesn’t expand or contract very well. So when used outdoors it develops tiny cracks that let water in behind it causing it to peel. Latex, on the other hand, is very flexible and expands and contracts easily while maintaining its seal, thus making it perfect for outdoor use. A flat latex is not at all washable and washes off easily with soap and water. While a high gloss latex washes well and is almost as durable as an oil. Some people don’t like that high gloss look. They say it looks too commercial. Use as high of a gloss as will look right to you because the higher the gloss is, the more durable the paint is. A satin sheen usually mixes the best of all in that it is washable/durable yet while it has a little gloss to it, it isn’t enough to be easily noticed.

Other things to keep in mind when picking paint is that the higher the gloss is, the easier it will be to see minor imperfections that all walls have. Thus I recommend the novelist use a satin sheen so that it will be durable, wash well and help hide their imperfections in their preparation. I also recommend they stick with latex paints because if they drip a little on something it doesn’t belong on then it will still be possible to clean it up without harming most things even after it has dried. Just use a little denatured alcohol and a rag to scrub it off with. The only thing it would harm is latex (water) based items like paint which is almost non-existent.

Now when it comes down to the basics of the painting you always roll walls in the pattern of a “W” always crosshatching in opposite directions over your work as you work your way down. Leave the last few inches at top and bottom and near corners and edges for you to paint with a brush.

The trick to painting a nice line with a brush is to load the brush with paint knocking the excess off one side of it. Then with the loaded side towards the line place it a little bit away from the line and press down until a little bead forms next to the brush. Pull your brush towards the line watching that bead edge so it never crosses the line. By gradually feeding into the line you are less likely to make mistakes and will have more control over exactly where your line ends up. If painting letters use a brush that is less than 1/3 the width of the body of the letter so you can still start in the middle and gradually feed into the edge.

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