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Reloading is a great way for many people to procure the right amount of ammunition as they require, whenever they want. This happens as, through this process, they can easily produce ammo by themselves without having to purchase the mass-produced ones. This method is not only cost-effective but it also gives the people full control over the type of ammo they want to make. The components, quantity, type, etc, everything can be adjusted as they require this method. If you want to know about the 3 Best Reloading Presses for Beginners in 2020, then you must know a few things.

What are the different types of reloading presses?

The different types of reloading presses are:

  • Single-stage press:

During the reloading process,  a single-stage press could use only one die at each stage. Therefore, working through all the casings is required at every stage, after which, the die will have to be changed for working on the next one.

  • Turret press:

This press only allows you to perform one casting at one stage, however, it is different from a single-stage press as several dies keep rotating around the whole turret during the reloading procedure.

  • Progressive Press:

In this press, multiple dies are held forming a circle, and a shell plate is used to keep the rounds moving from one of the dies to another.

The 3 Best Reloading Presses for Beginners in 2020 would most probably include a single-stage press due it its low level of complexity. The ease of use provided by a single-stage press plays an important role when choosing a press for a beginner. As a beginner may not be able to use a Progressive Press that effectively owing to a lack of experience, he should start with a Single-stage press.

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