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Let’s face it: mowing lawns is a tedious task: as soon as possible to make, the grass grows back, and you have to start all over again a few days later. But there is a solution, and it is less expensive in the long term than hiring a full-time gardener, though it is, of obviously, the best option. No, we’re discussing about a self-driving lawnmower, like this jolly band of driverless sward swallowers. Robotic mowers are configured using a pin board across the front of the mower, but some versions may also be managed using an app that allows you to track the mower’s progress, set cutting times, and receive notifications when repair or other maintenance is needed. The lawn mower will immediately return to its loading dock, connect, and refuel once it has done mowing or if the power is low.

Another good alternative for tiny city lawns is a motor and battery type from Bosch. Before starting its first cut, the sophisticated LogiCut navigation system analyses the most effective mowing pattern. Unlike most robotic mowers, which cut lawns in a grid pattern, this one is reported to cut lawns diagonally up and down. As a result, the designs on your lawn in the first several cuts won’t be as erratic. Another unique feature of the Indego is SpotMo, which allows it to mow small areas of vegetation under chairs and other patio furniture.

Just like Robotniiduk, the Worx Landroid S300 WR130E is the smallest robotic mower we’ve tested, and it’s easy to use and comes with a helpful – but limited – set of capabilities. It has three little revolving blades on the slicing disc that give it an 18cm cutting breadth and is compact and silent. It includes clever software, which means it continuously maps your grass, pausing to recharge before continuing where it left off. It cuts in a zig-zag fashion rather than horizontal plane, which keeps the grass looking clean and clear of stripes while also allowing it to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

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