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This is a small world that we are living in. There are numerous examples and topics that one can thing to write about. There are different professions from various fields that you can choose to go for.

While we are at it, lets be aware of the fact that there is nothing in this world that is permanent. Humans and animals are living beings that are mortal in nature and they are born in this mortal world based on their deeds and actions in the previous birth.

However, only those people are remembered who have done something worthy of their name. Now, those deeds can be both positive and negative depending on the circumstances.

Bear in mind, that even notorious terrorists who kill innocent people just for the fun of it are very (in)famous through their deeds that the day and date of the terrorist attack/incident forever is etched in the mind of everyone and goes down in the pages of history.

Similarly, there is another topic like the crypto-currency revolution. It came about in the late 2000s as the first of its kind called digital currency. Its main and most popular part is the bitcoin.

What can be said or written about bitcoins that hasn’t already been done so before. It is a completely polarized topic that one doesn’t even know where to begin. For detailed information, you can see this here at www.bitcoin.com

It has seen it all-name, fame, accolades, downfall, notoriety and today is on the brink of decline.

The financial transactions take place through the trading platform called bitcoin circuit and is a popular past time for die hard aficionados to stake and win and lose consistently.

Only now they do so with a higher amount and make up for earlier losses. Bitcoin is the most popular amongst merchants, investors and youngsters who have benefited from it.

But these days, it is damned as a ponzi scheme and many old users have lost their faith in it.

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