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The year 2020 has arrived in full glory, bringing along a wave of new hope and rising expectations in the lives of all the people and prove to be a better one than the previous years.

On the work front, pressure is mounting high, especially for the middle and labor class people as they slog it out in the office, patiently enduring the taunts of their bosses and constantly struggling to make ends meet so as to provide a better lifestyle for their family.

In this battle of wits, they are completely neglecting their own health in the process and are only focusing on completing their office projects and presentations so as to ease the burden and get their salary at the end of the month.

Apart from setbacks in health, one more malady they get in the bargain is insomnia, which means that they have lost sleep and go without it for many days, only because of work pressure.

The Savior Called Modafinil

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem in the form of a medicinal tablet called modafinil that has proved to be a god gifted boon for all the sleep deprived individuals out there.

It is basically a eugeroic to treat sleep disorder, whose job is to give its consumers a good night sleep and a peaceful mind that they are pining for so as to get that necessary respite from work.

However, one must exercise caution as the side effects associated with modafinil include the following:

  1. The first one is a splitting headache and it is only because many people take it in excess
  2. Only because some take it way too often, they experience nausea attacks frequently and throw up the moment they consume food or drink
  3. If taken in excess, there is a mood swing every now and then with nervousness switching over to recklessness in the very next moment

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