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With the bad economy more and more people are beginning to dumpster dive for fun and even profit. Dumpster diving can help to save you money and even save the planet by limiting the waste that gets thrown into landfills. People dumpster dive for many reasons and for many items. This article list some of the more popular items and where to find them.

Food may not be something that every dumpster diver will want to dive for. However diving for food can save you money. Diving for food can also be safe. While it may seem that trashed would be bad places to get trash often industrial trash is collected more frequently then home trash and is cleaner. However when diving for food you should still be careful and not get anything that is questionable.

Many food locations throw out food before the sale by date. Often food can be found in bags, cans, or boxes. If you find food that is unopened then you should not have any major problems though it will depend on the food. Food that needs to be cold may not last and not be good to eat. Meats are not a good food to get either.

Some good places to get foods are bakeries, grocery stores, and speciality foods stores. Trader Joes is a particularly good place to dive. According to Lakeland dumpster rental, Trader Joes almost always has lots of good food that they throw out much sooner then the food needs to be sold by. In this place, you will find plenty and wide variety of food and items. Surely, if you want to go dumpster diving, you would choose a place that has a lot of things to offer. As such, Trader Joes is one of the places where you can find a lot of usable things.

Furniture is another popular item to dumpster dive for. Often you can find furniture out on the curb and not have to dive at all. Other popular furniture destinations include apartments or schools particularly at the end of term. You can even find furniture at office stores sometimes.

Books are common trash finds. Some good locations to find books include libraries as odd as that may sound I have found lots of good books there even antique ones. Book stores are guaranteed to have some books however they often rip off the front cover to send to publishers to get money back sometimes though you can find books that were not damaged at all as they got lost in the shuffle. Used books stores are great because they do not tend to take the time to rip off the book covers and there is no incentive for them to since they can not send them to publishers for money.

There are lots of good miscellaneous locations to dumpster dive. People homes including apartments or dorms. The Goodwill or similar thrift stores are often good places to find things. Most stores as long as they do not have locks on their garbage are good. Clothes stores can be great places to look. If you see a store going out of business that is a good place to look. Even corporate dumpsters can be great finds sometimes you can get furniture or electronics from these places.

In the US if the garbage is not locked up it is legal to take it. However cities may have ordinances against it so you should check first to make sure it is legal. New York City is a popular Dumpster Diving location but it is actually illegal in NYC though there is rarely a problem but be warned and do not do anything illegal.

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