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The Gateway NV5503u laptop, priced at $450, is one of the best inexpensive computers on the market. I recently purchased this Gateway as a work computer for when I am away from my desktop. Having been disappointed by the lack of functionality on my iPad and a previous laptop, I was in the market for an inexpensive laptop with a large screen, fast processor and plenty of memory. The NV5503u has plenty of power and functionality, but it does have a few drawbacks.

Highlighted Features

I don’t want to bore my readers with a list of tech specs; however, there are a few important specifications to keep in mind when purchasing a laptop. This Gateway comes equipped with 3GB of DDR3 memory (RAM), 320GB hard drive, Intel graphics card, 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB ports, DVD player, Wi-Fi and Windows 7. The large hard drive space gives you plenty of room for storing large files, while the webcam gives decent resolution for video chatting. The 3 USB ports and windows 7 are a great addition for laptops in this price range.


The 3GB of DDR3 memory gives enough power for efficient multitasking, such as internet browsing and media viewing. However, I have found that it lags during heavy periods of multitasking. For faster speeds, I would recommend updating the DDR3 memory to 8GB for faster processing speeds. For the casual user, the included 3GB is powerful enough for everyday tasks.

Battery Life

Battery life is rated at around 4-hours, with actual use I have found that two to three hours are about average. The reason for the lost battery life? Wi-Fi, wireless mouse and higher performance settings drain the battery at a faster rate. However, using the power saver option on the battery setting gives a greatly reduced performance, which is not worth the extra battery life. You may not want to bring your laptop to the cheap computer repair in London even though the service there is great. So always make sure that when buying laptop, choose one that has a durable and long battery life. This will help you save money in the long run.


When I first purchased this Gateway, I thought the 15.6″ widescreen would seem small. However, this was not the case. Windows 7 offers a great feature that allows you to take two open windows and “lock” them into half of the screen. This allows you to work simultaneously and improves efficiency. The screen is large enough to multitask without squinting at the screen. I would advise against the smaller screens on budget laptops because the difference between a 15.6″ screen and 14″ screen is very noticeable.


Setting up the computer with the Windows 7 OS is very easy. Within five minutes of taking the laptop out of the box, I had everything up and running. For the novice and casual user, the setup process is painless. The keyboard comes equipped with a full numeric keypad, which is an excellent feature for a laptop of this price range. The keys give enough space to type, but I did find some problems with the touchpad. The touchpad has a feature that allows you to go back or forward with the swipe of two or three fingers, respectively. However, the sensitivity and lag time between swipes makes this great feature hard to use. Overall, the usability of this laptop is good, but it could use some improvements to the touchpad.

Overall Satisfaction

For a laptop under $500, this Gateway NV55C03u is an excellent purchase. This laptop is great for someone looking for a supplemental computer or one for moderate use. However, I would upgrade the RAM for heavy users to increase multitasking efficiency.

There is an old saying that “paint won’t peel unless there is a problem that is allowing water to get under it”. This saying is very true as I have proven in my career. Paint jobs done twenty years ago are just getting faded out enough to where people who can afford it as easily as you and I buy a soda, are just now thinking about getting there homes redone. As you learn how to paint and hone your painting skills you can learn new tips and tricks that can help you in improving your paintings significantly. Paintingkits.net is your ultimate guide for that. 

That is why a good painter has to know at least the basics of all the building trades. He will know if a gutter, flashing, or roof is leaking and causing problems with the paint. Or even if a landscaper had placed plants or sprinklers too close to a house thus keeping the siding continuously wet. Many water-related things can cause paint failure. Anyone who doesn’t troubleshoot and repair the other problems as they paint is nothing more than a paint slapper and has no right to call themselves a professional.

Another good thing to remember is that water can run (soak) uphill. Thus the only way that you can ensure a lasting paint job is to seal it completely before painting. Some people try to say that a house needs to breathe to be healthy. They are absolutely right, that is why they build vents into a house. On the other hand, they have enough built-in and don’t need any extra which is why they put vapor seals under the siding and also why all cracks should be sealed up with caulk before painting. This has a dual benefit, one being that it has a slight positive effect on heating and cooling bills as air is blocked from getting into the walls, thus forcing heat or cold to go through all layers of insulation to get in. The other good reason for caulking all cracks is that water can’t get in them then and be held there by the size of the crack until it causes the paint to peel.

If you always seal everything as airtight as you can then the paint applied afterward will last. Remember if the house was built right, to begin with, it has enough vents for airflow. And if air can’t get under the siding to deliver cold or heat to the walls vapor barrier then the cold and heat have to go through the siding to get in and depending on the type of siding as to how much insulation value that adds to a house.

Now that we have covered sealing the house let’s address the actual painting. Surely you have heard that oil and water don’t mix, well that is still true in painting. Oil-based paint can go over water-based paint once the water is thoroughly dried out of the paint. A water-based paint can’t go over oil without doing special preparation because the oil never really fully dries out, thus you end up trying to mix oil and water and it will easily peel or fall off then.

However if you first use an oil primer over oil paint and then lightly sand that primer, follow it with a latex primer and then the latex paint you can successfully use latex (water) based paint over oil.

Oil-based paints are great for interior kitchens and baths or anywhere inside you want a hard durable surface that can be washed many times over. If it is so hard and durable why not use it outside then? The reason is that it needs to be in a climate-controlled area because it is so hard that it doesn’t expand or contract very well. So when used outdoors it develops tiny cracks that let water in behind it causing it to peel. Latex, on the other hand, is very flexible and expands and contracts easily while maintaining its seal, thus making it perfect for outdoor use. A flat latex is not at all washable and washes off easily with soap and water. While a high gloss latex washes well and is almost as durable as an oil. Some people don’t like that high gloss look. They say it looks too commercial. Use as high of a gloss as will look right to you because the higher the gloss is, the more durable the paint is. A satin sheen usually mixes the best of all in that it is washable/durable yet while it has a little gloss to it, it isn’t enough to be easily noticed.

Other things to keep in mind when picking paint is that the higher the gloss is, the easier it will be to see minor imperfections that all walls have. Thus I recommend the novelist use a satin sheen so that it will be durable, wash well and help hide their imperfections in their preparation. I also recommend they stick with latex paints because if they drip a little on something it doesn’t belong on then it will still be possible to clean it up without harming most things even after it has dried. Just use a little denatured alcohol and a rag to scrub it off with. The only thing it would harm is latex (water) based items like paint which is almost non-existent.

Now when it comes down to the basics of the painting you always roll walls in the pattern of a “W” always crosshatching in opposite directions over your work as you work your way down. Leave the last few inches at top and bottom and near corners and edges for you to paint with a brush.

The trick to painting a nice line with a brush is to load the brush with paint knocking the excess off one side of it. Then with the loaded side towards the line place it a little bit away from the line and press down until a little bead forms next to the brush. Pull your brush towards the line watching that bead edge so it never crosses the line. By gradually feeding into the line you are less likely to make mistakes and will have more control over exactly where your line ends up. If painting letters use a brush that is less than 1/3 the width of the body of the letter so you can still start in the middle and gradually feed into the edge.

When you first start dating a new guy you are very careful to present yourself in the best light possible. You constantly make sure you clean your house and wash your hair and pick out just the right clothes for the evening; a pair of tight jeans and a shirt just low enough to get him interested but not be x-rated. This is the new period in a relationship where each person is worried about the impression they are presenting to the other person. Everybody knows that this period is not sustainable and that eventually each person’s true colors come out. Is this a bad thing? Definitely not because it is important to be who you really are with the person you are in a relationship with. At what point do couples cross the line between being in the good impressions stage to the comfortable, I’ll just put my pajamas on stage? There are several obvious signs that couples tend to exhibit when they are entering the “comfortable zone”.

One of the major signs that a couple is comfortable with each other is when they stop dressing up in special clothes just for an evening at home. When you are in a new relationship you want to look your best even if you are just going to watch tv at home. With comfortable couples, looking good matter less than the time spent together. They skip the frills and spend that getting ready time with each other. Along those lines comes the brushing of the teeth. We all know that when a new relationship is in the works that first kiss can come at anytime so we need to be prepared for that. As a result, we brush our teeth before every meeting. Even after the first kiss, we tend to brush our teeth more frequently because we know that we will likely be making out more and do not want to offend our partners. Once we are comfortable with our partners, we realize that bad breath happens and we are less worried about it, especially if we are spending the night with our partners. Morning breath is unavoidable and good morning kisses are inevitable.

You can also tell if you and your partner are getting comfortable by the way your residences look when you get together. At first we are worried about our partner thinking we are slobs but after a while they get to know us and there is nothing to hide anymore. If we do not feel like picking up before they come over then we just do not. Likewise there are certain things ladies tend to do more than men such as our eating habits. Women are always worried about their figures and their boyfriends thinking they are sexy and thus tend to eat about half of what they normally would during the first few weeks. We always take a doggie bag home from a restaurant and never have seconds at home. Once we are more comfortable with our man and know that they find us attractive the way we are, we are more likely to eat until we are full.

When we are comfortable with our partners we tend to let all of our little quirks come out and we do not care about them. We do not care about our partners quirks either. We feel like we can just be ourselves and we tend to do just that. Whenever you see yourself or your partner exhibiting any of these behaviors you know that your relationship is comfortable and settled. It is likely this relationship is going to last for a while because you each are free to be yourselves.

It is these quirks that make the relationship stronger because it has been found that people of opposite personalities are attracted to each other the most and are also the ones that last for a longer period of time otherwise people become sexually frustrated and have to resort to Cialis after sometime.

White tea has long been used in China, dating back to at least the Ming Dynasty. But it has only been in the last few years that Westerners have discovered the intoxicating taste. But what is white tea, and how is it different than any other tea? White tea will be a great resource to keep the body healthy and fit. The discovering of the tea will be healthy for the person with the reasonable price tags.

White tea is from the Camilla Sinensis plant, which is the same plant which produces black, green, and oolong tea. These are considered the only true teas. Black tea involves a long, complex form of fermentation which gives it its black color. Oolong tea involves less fermentation. Green tea does not involve fermentation at all, but it is from a more mature plant. White tea does not have any fermentation, but it is from an immature tea plant. The buds are picked very early in the early spring, with the best white teas coming from only the buds, which were picked within a two day period. In less expensive white teas, some leaves may be included with the buds. The white tea gets its name from these buds. They are covered in a fine hair that turns white when they are dried.

Many people have heard of the antioxidant benefits of green tea. But the health benefits are even bigger with white tea. They contain a huge amount of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. Drinking tea has been shown to have some kind of effect in lowering the risk of heart disease, strokes, blood vessel dilation, osteoporosis, and even cancer, although more testing is needed before doctors can recommend this as a treatment.

Anyone who has had white tea can tell you that it has a sweet flavor. This does not come from sweetener, but from the natural flavor of the tea. Because the buds have the least processing, they are thought to have the strongest concentration of flavonoids. It is not unusual for Westerners to drink white tea without any sweetener having been added.

Recently, many companies have realized the exquisite aroma that comes from white tea, and begun incorporating that scent into their products. You can now find candles, deodorizing spray, bath products, and even perfumes with its scent. There is a white tea scented shower gel and body scrub which I purchased from Walmart for only a dollar each. The smell is so intoxicating and relaxing that I use it after especially stressful days as a way to relax myself to sleep.

The best white tea available for drinking is “Silver Needles” which has only buds which were picked within a two day period. Although white tea is the rarest type of tea, and this is the rarest of the white teas, its flavor is worth every penny.

If you have not yet tried a cup of white tea, pick some up or visit a coffee shop which carries tea products. Borders has a coffee bar within most of their locations, and they sell white tea and containers of white tea in this area. It is truly a healthful treat that is certain to relax and calm you.

It is so interesting; the things that people say when they do not first consider consequences and, more importantly, how it will be perceived by others. We are always told to ‘think before you speak’ and that is so very important for a word spoken without forethought can easily reveal much about a person’s integrity and character. One can reveal a kind heart and compassionate nature, or they can show the dark, wicked underpinning of their psyche. Think about the things that you do and say and consider what they reveal about you. Words that are spoken in kindness and love will reveal a kind and loving nature with strength of character and integrity while words spoken with cruelty and spite show something much darker. Words spoken in anger or emotion can be damaging. Sometimes taking a little time to think about what you say can mean the difference between revealing a compassionate being or a hateful spirit. That time taken before speaking can bring about amazing wisdom and the more compassionate character may emerge.

We live a simple life. I have raised my children to be non-materialistic. We find joy and contentment in what we have, not in what we supposedly lack. In our eyes, we lack nothing. We have a close-knit family and we all love each other very much. We have a roof over our heads and food on our table. We are spiritually fulfilled; all of us were not only baptized but were ‘saved,’ years ago. Our faith is the cornerstone of who we are and my husband and I try to be examples to our children and to show them what Christians are and what they do, not just give lip service to a title and use it as a badge of honor. Our faith is what guides us and it is what evokes the compassionate nature that resides within us.

We do not need, nor do we desire, new cars or new homes. We do not focus on money; we focus on the things that truly matter: the strength of character, love, integrity and the conviction of our faith. We do not see illness as a burden but as an opportunity to gain wisdom and knowledge so that we may help others who are stricken with the same maladies. We do not see that taking care of my elderly, widowed mother is an encumbrance or something negative. We see it as a path that God has guided all of us (I, my husband and our children) on so that we may emerge wiser, stronger, more compassionate and more appreciative of sacrifice.

Our children have learned so much through this experience. I always told them (long before my husband ever came into the picture) that their words can cause harm and that they should never say something cruel that may hurt someone else. I grew up with an uncle who was a quadriplegic. My father was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes early in life. My mother suffered depression brought about by a chemical imbalance. I watched these courageous people not only work to help themselves and rise above their conditions, but they also reached out and helped others in the process. My father entered into the political arena to help the people (whether they were actual voters or not) in his district. He gained the respect of many local officials as well as senators, representatives, and governors. His funeral looked like a political reunion! LOL

My father had touched so many lives without regard to race, economic level, education. He loved everyone and wanted to help them all. I guess that is where my idealism comes from. See, we often only focus on the ‘negative’ things that we inherit from our parents: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, but we rarely consider the positive things. True, I inherited a predisposition to the conditions from which he suffered, but I also inherited his clear, blue sparkling eyes, his quick wit, his infallible sense of humor, his charisma, his charm, his intellect, his compassion, and his idealism. In my book, those qualities far outweigh any physical ailments that may come to me. I can take medication to improve my physical condition, but there is no cure for a heart that is as hard as stone. There is no pill for a lack of compassion or for a spirit that is devoid of love and understanding beyond its owner’s own small world.

I will take these conditions that my parents passed to me gladly is it means that I can glean a better understanding of the trials that others experience. My own trials have enabled me to help others tremendously. I have spoken to groups throughout the Northwest on stress and depression, for it has been with me for most of my life. My husband is my main support system, something I have never had in a mate before now. In the past, my companions only added to the stress and made the condition worse, but my husband helps me, loves me and listens although he may not understand. He is my rock. I can reach out to him at any time, day or night, no matter where he is or what he is doing and he will talk to me, hold me or just listen to me. I can honestly say that I have not had any significant symptoms or any real depressive times since I have been with him. He has been so wonderful. He does not even realize that his patience and love has inspired me and helped me be more patient with others whom I encounter and may be afflicted with this same affliction – diagnosed or not.

Tolerance is the key to peace in your life. You do not have to embrace my ideas and beliefs, but you should respect them. I value opinions both for and against what I believe. When we limit our receptiveness to just one way of thought, we limit our personal growth. I may express views that oppose yours and I may offer opinions that support my views, but there is nothing wrong with that. By opening a two way, healthy dialogue, we learn about two very different worlds. I come from a highly spiritual, cerebral world that many people do not understand and consider strange. That is OK, I was a ‘geek’ in school, in college, among my friends and I will always be a ‘geek.’ I am fine with that. I just see the world through different eyes, and isn’t that what makes the world such a wonderfully diverse place? When we start shunning people who are ‘different,’ we limit ourselves and what we can learn about the world around us.

It is all about faith, the strength of character and integrity. This is the lesson that my husband and I strive to teach our children. We don’t have much, but we do have that and it is our comfort during those times when we wonder how the bills will be paid or how our family will be fed. We know that our faith, strength of character and integrity will see us through the dark times and shine like the sun guiding us to a brighter horizon. Best of all, that peace radiates outward to show itself to the world. We are kinder, more tolerant and show more compassion to others because of it. Peace in your life can be more valuable than any material possession. With all this in mind, it is really important that the supplier of coffee shops try to keep up with the expectations of their visitors by serving them with the best coffee and environment that is calm and relaxing. 

The early generation console wars were mostly a two way race between Sega and Nintendo. During the 4th generation of video game consoles, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were the top machines on the market. While not even half as popular, the TurboGrafx-16 managed to garner a marginally significant market share. Unfortunately for the gamers, the console did not prove successful enough, ensuring that few gamers ever enjoyed many of the excellent games on the system.

When the Wii Virtual Console was introduced, retro gaming quickly became popular. Surprising many gamers, as well as including games from old Nintendo systems, the Wii Virtual Console also released games from Sega systems and the TurboGrafx-16. Due to this, gamers have a chance to play many of the great TurboGrafx-16 games that previously failed to reach a wide audience. Presented below are some of the best TurboGrafx games on the Wii Virtual Console.

Alien Crush / Devil’s Crush(Hudson Soft) – These two games are part of a series of pinball games released by Hudson Soft. The games combine features of traditional pinball with features only available in a video game (like bonus levels). The graphics are weird, but flavorful and game play is insanely addictive. These games are generally considered cult classics among hard core retro gamers.

Splatterhouse (Namco) – One of the few well known TurboGrafx-16 games of the 4th generation, Splatterhouse is considered to be one of the most violent games made at the time. Looking to steal the “edgy” reputation that Sega had, this TurboGrafx-16 game had realistic looking blood and essentially let the player be a serial killer. The game still has good simple game play and a powerful legacy.

Bonk’s Adventure / Bonk’s Revenge (Hudson Soft) – Every gaming system has a mascot. Nintendo systems have Mario, Sega systems have Sonic, and TurboGrafx-16 has Bonk. Bonk is a caveman who fights aliens by head butting them. This unusual concept really isn’t much stranger than a hyper speed hedgehog or a plumber fighting dinosaurs to rescue princesses. Unfortunately, while unusual, Bonk didn’t really stand out in any meaningful way. Still, the Bonk games actually had slightly better game play than Mario games released at the time and even if the hero isn’t that remarkable, the games are worth playing.

Bomberman ’93 / Bomberman ’94 (Hudson Soft) – The Bomberman series of games has been released on nearly every console since the NES. The single player game is interesting, but not spectacular. What makes these games so good is the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode features simple game play of running around, grabbing power-ups and blowing up the opponents. As is often the case, simple equates to fun and these games are some of the best party games available. The games at the Pokemon go account will provide fun and entertainment in the life of the players. Different versions of the pokemon game can be enjoyed at the account.

R-Type (Hudson Soft) – R-Type is considered to be one of the greatest classic arcade shooters ever. The port to the TurboGrafx-16 maintained nearly all of its arcade splendor and the game is still an excellent fast-paced, frenetic, space shooter. Since almost every modern space shooter game borrows features from this game, there really is no better way to enjoy the genre in its purest form than to download this classic hit.

Nowadays, with so many local supermarkets that carry frozen Chinese dumplings (jiaozi or shuijiao), it’s definitely reduced the difficult and time consuming task of making individual dumplings for the family to enjoy. It’s just easier to buy the frozen packages of dumplings and then throw them in a pot of bowling water to cook.

But there’s an art to boiling frozen Chinese dumplings.

Often than not, they’re treated as ravioli, simply tossed into a pot of bowling water until they’re fully cooked – but the dumpling skin is much thinner than the pasta dough that encases the fillings, so it’s very susceptible to breaking and softening under boiling water and negligence. It’s definitely not good to ever leave dumplings unattended. The skin will get mushy and the end result will be a mess of dumpling skin and filling floating in the water.

What you want is perfectly intact filling inside the dumpling skin so that when you bite into it there’s a bit of bounce in the dough and (depending on which brand you buy) steaming hot juice from the filling spills out.

Basically, to enjoy a perfectly boiled dumpling there are at least two components that must be there: the intact dumpling skin and filling. The tang, which is the tiny bit of soup that’ll form from the filling inside the dumpling skin, is another component that should also be in the perfectly boiled dumpling, but depending on what filling you buy (I recommend the pork and leek filling) or what brand you’ve bought, the amount of tang that appears in your dumpling varies.

Thus, the secret then, to the perfect boiled dumpling, assuming you’ve bought frozen dumplings, is the boiling process. You will need to have boiled the dumplings at least two to three times. It should also be noted that boiled dumplings (shujiao) are not the same as wontons (húntun) and that the cooking processes between the two differ.

For a package of frozen dumplings:

First, you want to get a basic medium to large pot (sauce pots or soup pots) that you would normally use to boil pasta or noodles. Fill it up to about a bit more than half with cold water. Boil it on high heat.

Once the water is boiling put in your dumplings (a bag would be perfect) individually. It’s important to separate the dumplings instead of throwing them all in as one massive frozen chunk. You might get the occasional already broken dumpling as you’re separating them, but that’s alright. After you’ve placed the dumplings in the water, stir the dumplings to prevent them from sticking to the pot and then you can cover the pot with a lid or leave as is. If you choose to cover the pot with a lid to speed up the cooking process, make sure to keep an eye on the pot.

During this time it’s important that you fill a bowl completely with cold water. Depending on the size of your bowl, if you’re using a small rice bowl, you’ll need two bowls of water, but if you’re using a rather large soup bowl, you just need one.

Make sure to stir the dumplings once in a while to prevent sticking. As soon as the water starts boiling, pour in half of your bowl’s water (or one of the small rice bowl’s water). Stir the dumplings lightly. And wait for it to bring to a boil again. It should take relatively one to two minutes so there will be no need to cover the pot.

Depending on the relative thickness of your dumpling’s skin, most frozen dumplings you buy at the store will not need a third boiling. However, handmade frozen dumplings you can buy from independent bakeries, vendors or restaurants will have thicker dumpling skins and will require a third boiling, thus once the water’s boiled again, pour in your second half of water. And for the last time, you will have to wait for the water to boil. Again, it should take less than two minutes. As soon as it boils, close the heat or turn to low and quickly ladle the dumplings out of the pot and into your serving dish.

If you plan to let the dumplings cool, a good tip is to drizzle a bit of sesame oil onto the dumplings to prevent sticking while adding extra flavor. To serve, the traditional soy-vinegar dipping sauce (with or without chili sauce) is the best condiment for the dumplings. Mix soy sauce with a splash of rice vinegar and a drizzle of sesame oil for the dipping sauce.

Boiling frozen dumplings is a very simple process. It just requires a bit of patience and attention, but Chinese dumplings are definitely something that everyone can cook perfectly, just follow the tips and you can also enjoy the perfect dumplings at home. In order to buy megamycobalance, there should be preparing of the budget through the person. It will restrict the purchasing power to the person to a limit. The person should not spend money in excess of the prices or limits.

When I first heard about Glucasmine Chondroitin; from a friend, I was having a lot of trouble with my feet. As a mom, I was spending a lot of time on my feet, and was feeling pretty miserable. I thought I’d give it a try, and it worked.

I went to the health food store in the morning, came home and took two supplements. By that same afternoon, the pain was diminishing. I know it’s hard to believe, but I now know other people who have gotten the same astonishing results.

Not only does Glucosamine Chondroitin; help with bones, it also helps to relieve problems with surrounding muscle tissue and cartilage.

As unbelievable as the fast action of this supplement sounds, I had another incident with the same quick results. I recently irritated some tendons while bike riding, but had forgotten all about Glucosamine Chondroitin.;

When I complained about the soreness just above my knee, my husband reminded me to use this miracle supplement. Though the pain had gotten quite severe, I started back using the Glucosamine Chondroitin; – voila! – the pain was gone almost immediately.

I recommended this supplement to my elderly neighbor who was riddled with arthritis. She had asked her doctor if would be o.k. to use Glucosamine Chondroitin;, and he said it would be alright.

By the next week she approached me to thank me profusely. With a tone of relief in her voice, she related how it’s the first time in years she had experienced any relief from the chronic pain.

Glucosamine Chondroitin; is an amino sugar. The fact that it is a sugar is meaningful. In the first place, I believe that’s the reason it assimilates so quickly.

One other factor about the sugar is that it shows up on blood tests, and is known to actually raise insulin levels somewhat.

Most supplements work symbiotically in pairs. Glucosamine Chondroitin; needs to be taken with calcium. When taking calcium, the need for vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc is a consideration.

Since Glucosamine Chondroitin; has been discovered by the elderly, there are products assimilated with the calcium and other bone function support minerals and more. These combos are pretty high priced, so I just stick to an individual ingredient and add the rest myself.

Another glucosamine is on the market for a much cheaper price, but it has nowhere near the effectiveness. The glucosamine sulfate is really not a bargain, as it doesn’t do very much insofar as relieving pain in my experience.

If you are having painful episodes with joints, or muscles ask your doctor about it. Glucosamine amp; Chondroiton offers a lot of relief.

Weak bones and joint pains are normally what you experience during old age but today, sadly, even youngsters are prone to it due to lack of proper diet and air, food and water being mixed with pollutants that do unimaginable harm to the body. Glucosamine is a welcome oasis in such trying times as it keeps the bones strong, something that even best greens powder would be hard pressed to do, given the excessive artificial substances it is mixed with.

I love trying different flavors and brands of coffee creamer. Recently, I came across Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer in the coffee creamer section of my local Publix Super Market. I decided to purchase this creamer, try it and write a product review about my experience. Here is what I discovered!

My usual favorite flavor of coffee creamer is French vanilla. Still, I do thrive on variety. When I saw Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer, I was captivated. I do like hazelnut flavor in my coffee. This fact lead me to this product. Yes, the Coffee mate creamer products were all lined up next to this product. The startling difference was the price! A small container of Coffee Mate creamer was as much as a large container of Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer. I decided to be daring and to get more coffee creamer for my hard earned money. I purchased a large fifteen ounce container of this hazelnut flavored coffee creamer for a bit over two dollars. That was indeed a very good bargain.

Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer is affordable and budget friendly, I discovered. There are thirty-five servings in this container and that was a good bargain, in my opinion. I have had very good past experience with many Publix Super Market brand food products. This fact gave me confidence in purchasing this coffee creamer. This product is dated for freshness and that fact made me feel safe. This creamer is good for use in tea, coffee and cocoa. Fantastic! In addition, if you use the best single-serve coffee makers for your coffee and combine with this amazing creamer, it’s totally the best!

What you must remember about Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer is that one serving is equal to four teaspoons. When I tried this coffee creamer, I added four full teaspoons to my one cup of coffee. This coffee creamer is absolutely delicious! It added a wonderful hazelnut flavor to my coffee that I loved! It is rich and very tasty! It did transform my ordinary cup of coffee into a treat. That is exactly what I had hoped for and wanted. I rate this product four stars out of five stars. The price is very low and the taste quality is very high. I was pleased.

One serving of Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer has sixty calories in it. Only twenty-five of these calories come from fat. One four teaspoon serving has two and one half grams of total fat, two and one half grams of saturated fat, twenty-five mg’s of sodium, eight grams of total carbs, six grams of sugars and zero grams of protein. This product does contain milk and soybean ingredients.

I enjoyed trying this coffee creamer and writing a product review about Publix Non-Dairy Hazelnut Artificially Flavored Coffee Creamer. It is affordable, tasty and rich with hazelnut flavor. You can find this product in the coffee creamer section of most Publix Super Markets. For more information, visit the publix.com web site. This product is a winner! It costs less than many other more pricier name brands and it tastes great!

I don’t know about you, reader, but I’ve seen too many travel blogs idolizing super-expensive gadgets that have far too limited use. Furthermore, many products that seem cool, like heavy laptops, DVD players and PSPs, aren’t going to add to your trip, they’re going to take away.

Below is the best of the best that I’ve found, all of it is reasonably priced for what you’re getting, and all of them have excellent and vital uses on any trip, for business or pleasure.

2 or more LED Flashlights

I don’t know why no one ever talks flashlights, but I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, from road trips to Europe to Japan, and the lowly flashlight is just as useful as a laptop. Also, never carry just one, but always at least one more than you’ll need. Buy some here.

Nikken Water Bottle and Insteps

If Nintendo made health products instead of video games, they would be Nikken. This company has tons of strange and useful gadgets, and the two best for travel are Water Bottle and Insteps. The Water Bottle has a built-in filtration system that I once put Coca Cola through and it came out very light brown water on the other side, so it works great. The Insteps have small magnets inside, helping your feet last longer on hikes or long tourist walks. You can buy both of these amazing products from https://www.dfydaily.com/ at an affordable price along with super-fast delivery at your doorstep.


MintyBoost is a kit offered by LadyAda and others and acts as a quick and easy way to use AA batteries to charge any device. Just plug it in and your handy dandy whatever has life again. Although you should only buy this kit if you have a soldering iron and a modest amount of circuitry skill, it’s damn useful on a trip. Buy the kit here.


The WikiReader turns the iPod on its head, so instead of having 1000 songs in your pocket, you have Wikipedia in your pocket, even without an Internet connection or Wifi. This is perfect for researching some interesting foreign statues or buildings because you know Wikipedia will have it, and you can brush up on national history, local culture and more. Buy one here.


I know I said I’d stay away from expensive stuff, but the iPhone kicks ass abroad. Why? In addition to a lot of area-specific apps made just for travelers, it also has that awesome ability to connect to WiFi. On my trip to Europe, a guy had one of these and got to check his email and make Skype calls while the rest of us just had paperweight phones. Now that I have an iPhone myself, I have to say, it’s not too expensive considering all it does. Get one here.

Acer Netbook

So iPhones and Wikipedia aside, at some point you might need to see a screen larger than a shipping label, so bring along a small laptop at least. I am slightly obsessed with traveling light, getting down to a single duffel bag for a one week trip and adding a backpack if absolutely necessary. If you’re like me and don’t have space for a giant laptop and don’t have the money for a gizmo with all the special functions, pick up the Acer Aspire One, with plenty of space for Internet use, plus a built-in webcam and mic for video calling. Buy one cheap here.

17% OC Pepper Spray

Another category of travel gadgets that generally slips the minds of other journalists is self-defense. I’ve encountered criminals in Mexico, Germany, New York, and Austin, if you’re traveling, arm yourself, because you never know. Having been hit with a blast of 17% OC pepper spray (see that crazy article here), I can attest that no one will be bothering you after a hit. An added bonus is that pepper spray is much more likely to be legal in more countries and US states than any other self-defense device, save perhaps the kubaton. Buy a really cool one that’s disguised as a ring here.

UnderArmour Heatgear and Coldgear

Imagine you’re in Kansas City and it’s getting really chilly. You’re bundled up and still feel the cold, and your crazy hot female friend goes out in nothing but a stretchy catsuit. Is she insane? Is she freezing? No. She has UnderArmour Coldgear, and she can survive surprisingly cold temperatures even without additional layers. The sister product, Heatgear, does the opposite, keeping you cool in hot weather, so they make a great combo for extended travel. Buy them both here.

Flip Video Camera

Taking pictures is so 20th century. Taking pictures is what your cell phone is for if you’re out at a club and you want a new Facebook profile pic. No, you want a really good vacation media clip, take video, put it on YouTube, show everyone else how much fun your life is. Watch it and it’s like living the moment again, useful if your boss cut your vacation time. The Flip Video Camera is the super easy to use a device that is great for travel, so ditch the hassle and start having fun. Buy one here.

Garmin GPS

Ah, Garmin. It’ll tell you how to drive from New York City to Austin and back again. Needless to say, a must for road trips, but also useful for international travel in that you can get your exact location if need be. Plus, everyone needs to know where the next gas station or burger joint is. Buy one here.

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