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Anyone searching for a collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and other related things can find them on All You Can Books. They offer service of unlimited access to the audiobook formats. People can read ebooks or listen to dramatic audiobooks. This service works on smartphones, computers, MP3, and iPad tablet devices. These books are inventory and updated regularly. So people can get new content every day. They provide a free trial for 30 days. People can access the ebooks or audiobooks without paying for that particular period. People can cancel the trial period and retain the book that they download during this period.


Users can access books in various languages and learn the language for free. Once the free trial period is over, they have to pay a massive amount every month to enjoy the services. It is a considerate amount compared to the services they offer to the users.

Subscription issues

Few customers are not happy with the service they offer to the readers. The reason for the dissatisfaction is due to their collection. Though it is an inventory platform of listenable materials, All You Can Books has a low-quality inventory. It does not have search options where people can easily find ebooks. Their subscription fees and cancellation is a bit shady. There is no option to cancel the subscription once the person signs up for the free trial. The users can call the support team for the cancellation of the subscription. It is a hassle for many people to speak to the support team and wait for their response.


They can even charge the people for the subscription fees even when they cancel their subscription. It is a scam, and people should avoid subscribing as there are various other options in the market.

Our unemployment rates are the highest ever. Everyday people are finding themselves out of a job. More and more people are turning to the internet to make their sole income. While many sites offer cash for doing various jobs, such as sending emails, answering live help calls, and clicking ads, many aren’t exactly what they say they are. Hidden fees, certain checkout amounts, and other things are usually hidden in the small text that nobody ever reads. But fortunately, there are a few sites that you really can make a living from, by doing nothing more than just playing games.


Moola.com – This has to be my favorite choice out of all of the game sites online. Moola is a free to start massive online community of players. Every time you lose your money, you get another free penny to start gaining it again. There are games such as Higher or Lower, Rock Paper Scissors, and many other games. Each game you ‘bet’ an amount of cash that you have, and win double that if you win. Moola has been around for a few years and has already given away 9 million dollars. 9 million free dollars to people that just sit at home and play games. Doesn’t that sound awesome? With the awesome fashion information, the taking of online course is effective at Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. The products should be of high-quality content to deliver the best results. The payment should be done with the safe and secure methods to gain the benefit. No loss of money is there to get effective results.

Gamesville.com – This would have to be my second choice. Not only is it free to join, you never have the risk of losing any money that you’ve already earned, since every game is free to play with a cash prize for the winner! You have literally dozens of different games to play, at any time of the day. If you’re looking to make some quick cash by playing games you love, this would be the site you’d want.

Exodus3000.com – I’m guessing you’ve never heard of this site, right? This isn’t your average pay to play site. Think of it as getting played to level up in a game such as Runescape. The story, you’re on Mars. You get paid in MD (Mars Dollars) for what you do on Mars, such as mine gold, finding volcanoes, and other tasks. At the end of the month, you can trade your Mars Dollars in for real cash! If you’re looking for some long term online money making, I’d try this site first.

Well there you have it! Three amazing sites to make money online while just playing games. There are virtually 100’s of different sites offering to pay money for playing games, but these are the three that I have found to work wonderfully. I hope they work for you too!

It appears the organic craze isn’t just to produce anymore. The world of Organic Search Engine Optimization is on the rise as you have Fresno SEO providing you with the best SEO content. Organic, the future is!

What exactly is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

The simple one-liner is, letting the content of your website carry the heavy burden of link building.

This content can be anything from your product sites, to blogs, to articles.

Organic SEO is a more comprehensive approach to inexpensive web marketing and link building. Your article must be of some relevance. Meaning that you must speak to your audience – they are your niche market, this is your base. Keywords, your content must have!

The keys to a successful Organic SEO regimen are keyword-rich content and your author’s resource box. You may have noticed that the words Organic and SEO appear more than once in this article. Those are the keywords that I want to exploit. And why not, search engines have a love affair with keyword-rich content.

By creating keyword-rich content for your websites, blogs, ezines, newsletters, and articles, you lay the solid foundation for building obscene amounts of traffic and inbound links. Again search engines love great content. That and the fact that you are helping other webmasters who are in dire need of fresh content.

Just as important is that resource box. This is truly your lifeline. With this simple test, you can start building one-way links back to your web site. Below is a sample resource box to use as a template. About the author: Put a brief intro about you, your site, and the product here. Copyright 20XX Your name. This article may be freely distributed provided this resource box stays attached. Research, you must!

Before you get started in writing keyword-rich content, you must know what keywords are best to use. I have seen lots of ads for keyword generation, and I don’t like them. I did stumble upon nichebot.com and I love it. Maybe it is because I’m a convenience freak, but I believe niche bot is a perfect starting point for your keyword research. It gives you the scoop on the number of times the search phrase appeared in a particular database, number of pages listed on google with any or all of the keyword phrases, number of pages listed on google with the exact keyword phrase. Written, the article is!

Now that you have written your article you need to start the distribution process. The best place to do that is at an article directory site. Article Alley, Article Loft, and iSnare are all good places to start. These article directories serve you not only by hosting your article for distribution, but they also provide a better-targeted visitor to your site.

Your task is to sign up and post your article on at least four or five of these directories. Good articles quickly spread on the internet. You will have put yourself and your site in a good position to benefit from such proliferation. Your efforts will not go unrewarded. Many of the search engines will push your ranking higher because of the widespread use of one-way links to your site.

I’ve stated before that this is a regimen. You need to set a goal of submitting at least an article a week. Surely there is something that you wish to point out about your product or site. There are other things that you need to consider adding to your Organic SEO efforts. Blogging and RSS feeds are two additional ways to increase your site’s visibility and links. I’ll leave those topics for a later discussion.

Good luck to you on your article writing.

Is there a secret to gaining top website placement in major search engines? Short answer: no, but there are many different tactics website owners can take to reach these high rankings. No, it isn’t some kind of magic or paying off the guys at Google, using a collection of search engine optimization methods, creating great content and participating in social media is the “secret” to top website placement in major search engines.

Yes, it is possible to gain top placement for your website but it’s going to take work. If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty and putting in the effort, you will succeed in high rankings. The following are various methods to grab high search engine rankings in major search engines. In order to get the first rank, click here at this site for availing of the benefit. all the tops secrets will be disclosed to the person at the website to remain ahead in the competition. 

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Before any work and effort is placed into trying to reach high ranks in search engines, it’s important to start from the beginning. The most important action a website owner can make with the intent to rank high in search engines is to start with a solid foundation of a well designed website.

The term most associated with building a great website is standard compliance. During the development, every effort should be made to create clean code which validates for HTML and CSS. A standard compliant website will more easily be picked up by search engines which directly relate to higher search engine rankings.

Additionally, the on-page search engine optimization tactics is to use the HTML tags for what they intend to be used for:

  • Fill out each page with its own unique, keyword rich title tag.
  • Use proper link structures without filler words like “and”, “or” and “the”
  • Use H1 – H6 tags for headings (most importantly, use H1 for the title of the page)
  • Interlink between pages using keyword anchor tags instead of “click here”
  • Try to use keywords throughout the content but not in a way that comes across as spam

With on-page search engine optimization checked off, you’ll now know that your website has been crafted toward the structures which major search engines love. This eye on perfection will lead to greater success at obtaining higher search engine rankings in the long run for your website.

Creating great content

The most crucial aspect of creating a website which ranks high in search engines is to produce content which people want to read and share. A short 400 word article which has no direction, keywords or value is considered by search engines much like how people see it: worthless.

So the question comes to this: “How do you create great content?”

Great content is considered such because it provides exceptional value to those who view it. Content which can be referenced for years is often dubbed “timeless content’ – this is the content your website should strive to produce. Because people find the content so helpful, search engines will take notice and give your website higher rankings because others have found it so helpful.

The second aspect to creating great content is the ability to share the content with others. No matter how great an article, video or audio piece may be, if no one feels the need to share it with others than it will continue to slink deep into search engine results. The best way to create shareable content is to create content that’s fresh, on topic, tells a new way to do things, debunks a myth, entertain and has a call to action which pushes others to share on other websites and social media.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are simply links on other websites which point back to your own. Although it may not be apparent up front, backlinks are actually one of the main reasons why certain websites rank high in major search engines.

A backlink is like telling search engines “this website has great content, it deserves to be seen”. Yeah, it’s a silly explanation but it’s just as easy as that.

More backlinks pointing to a website will indicate the information is relevant to others and so search engines, with their duty to give the best results, will display content from the website higher than those which don’t have backlinks.

So how do you gain more backlinks?

  • Share your content on social bookmarking websites
  • Write guest posts for blogs
  • Write articles and distribute them on the web
  • Create great content which people link to

The key to all of this, as explained above, is to market your content much like you would a product. Use a combination of active methods like bookmarking while always making sure to produce great content. As more backlinks continue to roll in, your website placement will continue to grow until you have top placement in search engines.

Choosing the right keyword

The keyword related to the content is the fourth and final aspect of a high ranking website. To be as blunt and simple as possible: use keywords which relate to your niche.

Don’t know what a niche is? A niche is a highly focused interest within a larger market. For example, if your website was about training only terrier dogs, that’s a niche. You’re not just talking about “dog training”; you’re going deeper into the topic.

So, with your niche in mind, you’ll need to choose the right keywords which will help you get ranked. The easiest way to choose keywords is to visit Google Adwords, Wordtracker or Wordstream and plunk in your main keyword to generate a list of related and relevant keywords related to your niche.

From there, use these keywords throughout your content and in the HTML tags to ensure your website ranks well.

And that’s it, really!

Many search engine optimization “experts” want you to believe that there are hundreds of little things which contribute to the overall rankings of a website. Sure, there are a lot of small things but in reality none of them have the same impact as creating a website with on-page optimization, creating great content, building backlinks and choosing the right keywords.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the information people will tell you about gaining high search engine rankings but instead of spending all your time researching and trying to find “the next trick”, use your time wisely to create great content, build those links and share it with others.

With these elements explained in the article, your website will soon have high search engine placement – as long as you put forth the effort.

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