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Most parents love for their child to be by their side when they are sleeping at night. This helps them connect with the child in a better manner. While sleeping on the same bed is not possible, some people opt for a bedside bassinet. If you are looking out for the best bedside bassinet, then you need to look for options that make the bassinet compact and really secure.

There will be times at night when the child is crying because he or she is uncomfortable. With the help of a secure bedside bassinet, parents can ensure that their child does not get out of the crib and they will still have access to the child to help soothe the child. This is something that will prove extremely beneficial especially for parents who are not that capable of seeing clearly when the light is low.

A bassinet is also helpful in a number of ways. One of the biggest benefits is portability. When you have a bassinet and you want to go out with the family, you can put the child in the safety chair in the car and pack up the bassinet and put it in the back of the car. This is something that cannot be possible with the help of a cradle. A cradle is not that portable because of the size and weight.

Although some people carry cradles around with them, it is not a practical approach and the cradle ends up taking most of the boot space in the car. The bassinet just folds and sits perfectly in the corner of the back of the car and the rest of the things can also fit with ease. When you need to use the bassinet again, it can be opened up in seconds.

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