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Just like in any other machine, it is manufactured with different styles, materials and purpose. The drilling machine can be operated with both automated and semi-automated, it is commonly used by construction workers or home owners. The main function of a drilling press is to make perfectly rounded holes or driving fasteners. It serves its purpose when it comes to the speed, functionality and accuracy; moreover, it has the ability to do holes on wood, metals and even plastics. It is specially designed for constructions and utility projects.

The drilling machine is divided into four categories:

  1. Upright sensitive drill press

An automated drilling machine with  built-in belt drive spindle head. The upright sensitive drill press can do light to moderate work process and it is produced for floor or bench style.

  1. Upright drill Press

It can work on heavy duty type process with a geared drive spindle head. It is designed to make holes on tougher or larger parts and can be operated both on hand or power feed.

  1. Radial Drill Press

It is an automated drilling machine and popularly known as the hole producing work horse where the operator has the benefit to do intersecting or angular holes in one setting.

  1. Special Purpose Drill Machines

There are several kinds of special purpose drilling machines, an example would be the multiple spindle drilling machine that allows operator to have a vast hole that are closed together.

To know more about the special purpose drill machines, do visit this site https://www.wisc-online.com/LearningContent/mtl8502/MLT8502.htm

Working on construction and utility projects should be with great responsibility and have full awareness with the safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Simple and Safety tips Using the Drill Press

  1. Do know the type of drill press that you’re using. Always read thoroughly the manual for it before using the drill press.
  2. Make sure to wear the proper CSA-certified safety glasses and face shield.
  3. Do double checking if the chuck has been successfully removed before turning on the switch power.
  4. Lubrication should be done on the drill bits when making holes on metals.

Doing research on the best machinery such as the drilling press is essential since it doesn’t come cheap. Visit this site to know the details and specification of the best drilling machines with unbiased reviews https://toolinspector.com/


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