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If you are using Instagram for a long time, and still you cannot gain attention or the followers, then your profile needs to be improved. You have to focus on creating it more attractive and impressive than before. It can be tough and easy, which depends on the person and their knowledge. Even making use of InstaPrivateViewer helps in checking out private Instagram profiles without any issue.

You should stay till the end of the article by which you will get to know what things are you missing and your profile too. There is no need of any specialized software because everything can be done right within the application itself. 

All you need to take care of is the fonts as there are plenty of fonts available online, among which you can choose any of them you like the most. This is the first step of being creative, and you will get to improve your profile with this.

These are some tips and tricks you should remember.

If you are new, then you should consider all the tips which will be going to discuss below. You should not miss any of them as they all are essential-

  • Start with the bio-

Bio is the column in which you can describe about yourself. You should start from there as because people first notice that only. Choose different fonts and write something beautiful about yourself. 

  • No more blur DP-

Your display picture should be crystal clear so that people may find it attractive. That could be the reason to gain new viewers and followers on your profile. You should edit it first and then upload it.

Archive the old ones-

The old post which you find out not that interesting should be archived. By using the archive option, you can make them hidden for as long as you want.

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