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A self-confessed fashionphile, ushering in the new year means ushering in new fashion resolutions. My closet is arranged by season and cleaned out often (though the good/vintage stuff is always kept and stored in the guest closet) to make room for the fashion risks and resolutions that the next year will hold. This year, my fashion revolutions will be a bit bolder than usual. 

Here are my top five fashion resolutions for 2012: 

Invest in more basics: While a classic white tee and a LBD hang in my closet, there are certain fashion staples that I need to buy or replace to get Kaftan for myself to wear during summer occasions which will give me the tremendous look instead of wearing heavy formal dresses. This year I vow to invest in a great pair of black cigarette pants, classic trench and another quintessential menswear button down (preferably in white). These few items go a long way and can be mixed and matched year round. 

Embrace Color: When asked what my favorite color is, I always answer, “charcoal.” While this fact may never change it doesn’t mean that I should dress in basic black, white, grey or similar earth tones every day. Spring 2012 is going to bring bright hues (corals, yellows, greens) and I resolve to leap at the chance to wear vibrant colors. 

Wear More Accessories: Lately, the idea of being overstylized is far more appealing to me than wearing little to no jewelry. I have always been one for tacky/gaudy jewels and baubles but would only wear one daring piece at a time. This year, I resolve to wear that huge tiger’s head cocktail ring with an abundance of necklaces or an oversized watch…or both. In 2012, more will be more for this girl. 

Donate More: A few times a year I clean out my closet, donating things that I no longer where to different organizations. This year I plan to give more, more unused purses, coats, shoes and such to those who truly need it. If I haven’t used it in a few years, there is a chance I won’t be using it anytime soon. 

Invest in Great Jeans: Often times we hear that jeans are just jeans and shouldn’t cost $100. I am here to tell you that for me, personally, nothing fits better and last longer than a truly great pair of jeans. I have pairs of basic 7 for All Mankind jeans that I had worn for years. At the time the thought of $125 for jeans seemed crazy but I cannot count the amount of wears I got out of them. When I do the same with $30 jeans, they often start to stretch, fray, etc. and I have to replace them. This inevitably means I will spend more money* in the long run. 2012 will be the year of a couple of great jean purchases to carry me through the next couple of years. 

*That being said I also vow to not spend money on something I won’t wear just because it is on sale. I guess that technically makes this my sixth resolution. 

Because I love all things fashion, I am sure some of these resolutions will be a bit harder for me to keep than some others-but isn’t that the point of resolutions after all? 

When the ball drops and the champagne is toasted, what will be some of your fashion resolutions? And how do you intend to keep them? 

Here’s to a very happy and very fashionable New Year! 

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