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Plagiarism is not uncommon, but what happens when you discover a copy of a concept that belongs to us, as a Quebec creator? No teacher to slap the plagiarist’s fingers, and when the plagiarism is a small company that decides to embark on a legal battle, he sometimes finds himself in the shoes of David against Goliath.

Proper Stoppages

The recent mediatization of the university’s acquisition of software to combat plagiarism is good news. It is clear that this type of practice, which is not really new (it existed without Internet, never forget), is now identifiable. Moreover, a short time ago, such a practice had been spotted in a big school in Lyons, too, by a student who had thought that a foreign language would prevent him from being spotted … But the vigilance of a teacher who simply spotted irregularities in style and level of expression aroused his doubts and led him to do a manual search from passages selected as doubtful. Using a site he was able to quickly find the tools that confirmed his queries. The use of the originality checker comes handy there.

  • What is interesting is what follows the discovery of plagiarism. In this case, the student was asked to completely start his work again and to submit it to his teachers in writing. In other words, teachers realized that now the process is as important as the product analysis. Moreover, this is what we observe in certain theses. These are presented when the maturation is completed and not when the pages are filled which is not without causing cold sweats to the author.

Thus the easier possibility of plagiarism is provoking on the part of the teachers another way to follow the work of the students (at least we can hope for it). But if the use of ICT has made it easy to copy pasted so often blasted by teachers who sometimes use it themselves (put yourself in front of a school photocopier and you will understand), it also generated new practices that could also question practices: collaboration between students, between students. Just find yourself with a youngster who comes home from high school and who is computer uses instant messaging with his classmates to realize the extent of these practices.

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