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Facebook is the most popular social media platform and different person or group showcase their creativity or interest by offering FB pages that can be any type of entertainment source. In order to better interact with the audience that likes your page also to get the maximum likes while updating information replying to the queries of followers. The FB pages manager is a great source that helps to manage all these works under same roof, you don’t need to visit different available URL to manage things. Just offer the information about your page and once you are done, later all things can be managed with the app.

The best part about the app is that you can manage all the task with the same page, in order to better help the admin of the pages, the FB pages manager can be managed while using any of the android platforms. For more information you can visit the URL at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.pages.app&hl=en

Advantages of using FB pages manager

  • The task to manage the FB page becomes easy, user can easily post updates and photos continuously with limitless policy. You can also respond to the comments of your page using the app.
  • Private messages or suggestion send to the page can be easily seen and replied using the FB pages manager.
  • Users can also opt for the services that are remarked as push notifications for the new activity offered, tips to maximize the audience to the page and reminders to certain important events and dates.
  • Using the page manager you can also easily view your latest page insight.
  • The Page Manager is available to be used at all the leading platforms as Android, PC, and iOS.
  • The app is light in weight and gives you option to give feedback.