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Have you ever opened up a laptop for any reason and find a small strip that looks a lot like plastic? Actually, that’s just any kind of plastic strip or even a design, it’s a type of flexible cable. It’s fun to think that there are tons of cables found in a laptop and not just the round kind. Flexible Flat Cables or FFC Connectors are an entire branch or variety of connectors on their own.

FFC Connectors

Basically, FFC connectors or Flexible Flat Cables are any kind of electrical cables that are both flexible as well as flat; they don’t necessarily have to be transparent or found inside laptops. Flexible flat cables are also a type of flexible electronics, which mean they are fairly similar to FPC connectors. But keep in mind that the term FFV connector is typically referred to the incredibly flat cable, we find these kinds of cables in high density electronic applications; the most common devices are laptops and cellular phones.FPC or flexible printed circuits are interchanged with the terms FFC in an extremely inaccurate way; not all FFC connectors can be called flexible printed circuits. The term is a lot more accurate if they’re used to effectively describe certain types of circuits, the kind of circuits that integrate specific components used to create flexible material. We can also consider the FFC as a miniaturized type of ribbon cable since ribbon cables are extremely flexible and flat.

The typical kind of FFC connector consists of a plastic film base, this gives it the flat and flexible characteristics. If you’ve seen one before you’ll be able to immediately notice numerous metallic conductors infused within the surface. Every end of the said metallic conductor should contain a stiffener, this ensures an easier insertion of the cable.