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Water is the most used resource by man and sometimes when the quality of water isn’t good enough then it really affects our day to day working. One of the problems is hard water which isn’t suitable for washing clothes or utensils as they don’t form lather with soap but we can make it work by using a great water softner. That’s why we have published an article on this page, about the best water softener in the market.


The Water Boss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener will be one of the most purposeful water softners that you will ever come across. Even though it is priced pretty high, you should still go for this all purpose device for your water softening. This is a compact white device that does a very clean job in removing 10 PPM of Ferous oxide to 70 grains per gallon of ferous oxide. It can support a household of about 4 people and is top tier device. This compact water softener system has a 20 micron sediment and can work as the whole house dirt filter. This device is both different in looks and functionality when compared to the entire market and you will enjoy a silent working machine, without requiring any servicing for about 10 years.

The water softer can fit into tight places as it is comparatively small, and still end up doing it’s work. When you set up the device at 2.5 pound salt setting, the device can regenerate in as less as 18 minutes and uses the least water possible. Warranty covers the tank for about 10 years, whereas the electronics are covered for about 3 years.

The company’s customer service is great and one can point out that they are available anytime needed if the customer hasn’t doubts. Even though the device is compact, it isn’t portable and must be kept at a stationary place.