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Deep protein treatments are a miracle when it comes to african american hair growth.

Why do hair break? It is because of many factors, some of them are insufficient production of keratin (protein which hair is made up of), pollution, lack of moisture, dryness, use of too much chemical and heat.
When protein in our body is in insufficient amount, then keratin is not produced enough to make hair grow better. Keratin strengthens our hair, and provides the shine which we see on others and envy so much.

When there is scarcity of protein in our bodies, this is seen easily by the quality of hair because protein is not reaching that part of hair. That is why doctors and dieticians heavily recommend adding protein to our diets when we are undergoing “hair troubles”.

 Here is how they work:

There are a number of ways which are protein treatments for your hair. You may choose home remedies, visit parlors or buy protein treatments for using them at home by yourself. These treatments provide nourishment to the outside of your hair, which is a little similar to when protein-rich food act on our hair internally. This makes the hair stronger and longer, and also does not let your hair break off easily.

Although, these treatments are a miracle for hair, you also need to take your diet seriously. Protein treatments should be seen as an “extra” benefit that your hair is getting and not as the only solution to treat your hair.

There are different types of treatments which treat varying levels of damaged hair. light treatments which treat low damage; deep treatments for those hair which are highly damaged and reconstruction packages for when there is no hope left for your once-beautiful hair.

These should be done with prior knowledge and not just because you feel they are too damaged. Be careful of those people trying to make you give in to expensive treatments which yield no benefits.