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Are you looking for a vacation destination? How about Genting Hill resort? It is located in the Malaysian Titiwangsa Mountains just 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.

How to get to the Resort

From the airport, you can simply take an express bus to Genting resort. Taxies also offer an alternative means of transport. Buses are recommended for safety, flexibility and affordability.

What activities can be enjoyed in Genting Resort?

If you are a tourist, there is never a shortage of fun activities to take part in;

  • Casinos

Being the only place legal to gamble in Malaysia, there is never a shortage of local and foreign tourists willing to try their luck.

  • Entertainment Joints

Genting Hill resort has impressive shopping malls, concert halls, cinema plazas and convention centers.

  • Theme Parks

There are several theme parks which includes rides, typical in amusement parks promises a fun packed day for children as well as adults.

Where can one find accommodation?

Genting Resort contains several hotels with up-to 10000 rooms. There is a wide variety of accommodation facilities to choose from. There are a total of 5 hotels in the resort.

  Genting Grand Hotel

  Maxims Hotel

  Resort Hotel

  Theme Park Hotel

  First World Hotelwhich is the largest hotel in the world

Helpful tip: the hotel rates are lowest when you book online!

However there are plenty of other options just outside the resort.

Want to visit Genting on a budget? Here is what to do;

  1. Consider transport expenses

Bus fare prices can be researched in advance and should include transport withinand around the resort.

  1. Prior online booking of hotel rooms

Booking in advance saves money and time.

  1. Take advantage of offers

Transport and accommodation services such as airlines and hotels in a bid to advertise their services usually subsidize their prices for a brief period of time. Pay attention to such opportunities to maximize on  your savings.