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There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to play indoor games like chess or online games like League of Legends; some online games like bandar togel are not advisable to children, so choose the online ones carefully. But wouldn’t it be better to also encourage them to play outdoor sports at a young age? Children learn easier, have the strength and energy to pursue or practice the sport and they can make a career out of it.

Baseball and Softball

Little kids have dreamed of becoming famous baseball players and who can blame them? These are world famous sports and the players are idolized by people of all ages. Children even as young as five years old can start playing T-ball. After they get the hang of it, they can start with softball or hardball; also known as baseball. Majority of your local baseball teams are under a national Little League Baseball organization.


Soccer is another world famous sport, even the players are known by people who can hardly call themselves fans; soccer even ranks as one of the most played sports in America. Even your four year old can start to participate but under consideration since they obviously need to start off on a smaller field and ball compared to the older participants. The fast paced game play of soccer holds the attention of children who otherwise get bored with other sports.


Sure it may sound bori8ng to some, but it’s the perfect sport for children or adults that just don’t have the taste for extreme sports. Walking is putting it on mildly, walking can range from a regular stroll at the park to hiking up the highest mountains. Of course children as young as two can start with walks in the park, but hiking is recommended for children who are five years and older.