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Everyone has a special place for different accessories that they can wear and the variety available for the people is huge. Earlier, this was not the case when it comes to the pets but today, there are a lot of different merchandise available for the dogs as well and they look really smart in that merchandise. If you are still wondering that what are the different pug merchandise available in the market then go through this article to know more about the different pug merchandise and accessories.

Socks/Shoes – A market segment came up recently where the companies started manufacturing socks and shoes for the pugs. They are not really meant for running or walking but the woolen socks can surely make your pug feel comfortable in winters.

Shirt/Jacket – Shirts have been around since more than a decade and the owners usually use these shirts for protecting the pug against the winters. The fact is that the pug has short hair and hence he needs a little more protection to stay warm, in such a case, jackets can be really handy and the jackets made of different material are available in the market today.

Hats – Hats for the pug are also in fashion today and they look really cute in those hats. The hats usually come with a strap which can be strapped on to the pug’s chin and the strap ensures that the hat doesn’t fall off while the dog is running.

Dress/Costumes – There are different animated costumes available for the pug as well. The costumes look funny as well as cute and a lot of owners dress their pug in those costumes while they are going out for an event or a show. It should also be mentioned that a lot of agencies hosts costume shows for dogs as well.

You can find the above mentioned merchandise on e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon.