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A generic name for Ultram, Tramadol is categorized as schedule IV drug in the US and is sold under the recommendation of a doctor. The medication’s most common remedial use is for pain killer or for pain relief treatment.

Tramadol vs. Other Pain Medication

When it comes to prescription pain relief, we have various options and not all are considered good options. But, tramadol has been continuously gaining popularity for the past years.

It is proven effective at treating moderate to severe pain, which includes labor pain, burns, trauma, postoperative pain and cancer pain. This pill is prescribed when ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol is not sufficient and strong opiods are not yet available or warranted.

There are a few reasons why tramadol is more preferred pain relief treatment over others. Some medications are effective only for moderate pains while others produce effective results on moderately severe pains. This is where tramadol comes very useful, as its range is extensive.

Other uses of tramadol aside from pain relief

The initial use of Ultram or Tramadol is to treat moderate to severe pain being caused by internal conditions, accidents, cancer, etc. It is available in physical forms such as pill, drops, syrup, liquid, IV, elixirs, etc.

In addition, the analgesic properties it contains are used in the delivery and labor phase to help mothers cope the pain throughout the expulsion. In particular cases, its usage is intended to the many different physical conditions of the people.

It is advised not to take tramadol if you have:

  • Recently used sedatives, alcohol, narcotic medication, tranquilizers or an MAO inhibitor
  • A blockage in your intestines or stomach; and
  • Severe problems in breathing

Consulting first your doctor before taking pills is highly suggested to prevent serious effects. Though tramadol can relieve pain, it comes with severe side effects when used improperly or without prescription from a doctor.