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Whatsapp is known as the most convenient app for messaging. It is the best app which is most popular among the world. it is also a favorite app of the users who use some online sources to communicate. Whatsapp not only allows us to communicate but as well it also allows us to share pictures, videos and any files etc.  Whatsapp plus is also similar to Whatsapp but it includes some more amazing features in it. Whatsapp plus also allow sending pictures and video like Whatsapp. In the original app, we can’t send videos of high quality or some large videos but Whatsapp plus allow us to send a high quality picture without reducing the image quality.

Let’s know some more facts about it. 

The difference between both the apps is showing the name and the icons of them. They both have different names as one is named as Whatsapp and another one is Whatsapp plus.  Their logo is also different from each other. Whatsapp had a theme of green color but Whatsapp plus had a blue colored theme. There are also some legal issues related to the Whatsapp plus. One thing sure that it offers a lot of more functions than the official Whatsapp. Whatsapp plus is much effective than the original Whatsapp.

How to create an account?

Firstly you have to install Whatsapp plus from the play store after that, we have to know about the Whatsapp create an account process for accessing the Whatsapp. It is easy to create an account on the Whatsapp first. You have to give a number and after that, it will send a confirmation code on your number for the verifying process. You have to fill that code for verifying your number and after that, you can access the Whatsapp with a variety of new themes and styles.