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The Japanese cartoon Boruto continues to drive the buzz as it ushers in more characters with interesting backgrounds. Boruto is the sequel of the “Naruto” series which took over Japan and the rest of the world, as it entertained informed and educated at the same time. The series of Naruto starts off as a young rebel orphan trying to find his way in a world where evil, deceit, and quest for power drives chaos. 

He begins to makes friends on maturity and realizing the true essence of life and unraveling the mysteries of the human spirit as well as building his strength and chakra to become one of the most revered shinobi of all time. In order to conquer his enemies he had to first conquer himself, his inner demon, a nine tailed beast which was fused into him as a child and has lived inside him dormant. He had to harness the unequalled power of the nine tailed beast (kyubi) in order to bring order to the numerous ninja villages from far and wide. Naruto finally became the Hokage (ruler) of his clan and this is where the story of Boruto begins.

Boruto is the son of the legendary Hokage, Naruto. As a Hokage, he is burdened with the responsibility of protecting the village along with a whole lot of administrative and communicative responsibilities. Being a shinobi had never been so tasking in Naruto’s life. On the other hand his young troublesome son, Boruto, who is loud and boisterous, trying to seek his father’s attention and love but always gets turned down or disappointed starts to dislike his father and starts to idolize his father’s best friend sasuke of uchiha clan. This leads to a twist of events and Boruto begins to find himself and to truly find out who his father was in the past and why he is who he is in the present. You can watch Boruto online at the official website.