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Plywood is made from multiple layers of individual sheets of ply. All these sheets are fixed together with a waterproof glue and grains of wood are added in between. In order to make plywood strong, it goes through extreme pressure. The durability of the plywood depends on the type of adhesive used. Although a single piece of ply is not strong on its own but when multiple layers are combined together, then the plywood hence formed is stronger than you can imagine.

CDX plywood ½ inch is available in different size. CDX determines the grade type of the plywood. Other than the grade, plywood is available in different types too. Let’s have a look at these types:

  • Marine

This type can stick to surfaces quickly and hence why it used for building boats. It is waterproof so don’t worry, the boot won’t crack open in water.

  • Lumber core

This is one of the most expensive types of plywood. It is made from veneer and hardwood and it is used for covering surfaces.

  • Melamine

This type is used for different projects. It is stain resistant and it is available in different finishes.

In case you are wondering why to prefer plywood over other types of woods available then you will be glad to know that it has the ability to resist cracks, wraps and twists. It does not expand or contract due to changes in the climate. What more could a consumer wish for? Due to these properties, plywood has been in a lot of demand lately.

Homeowners are using it for creating furniture items like tables, chairs, cupboard, kitchen doors, drawers, and more. It is also used for making boats because it is water resistant and strong. Other than this, the wood is used for the purpose of construction too. The best thing is that it can be easily cut and there is no need to polish it.