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Now a lot of people are addicted to drugs and they are using such thing on a huge level. While there are a lot of drugs present in the market but when we talk about the commonly abused drug than marijuana holds a great position. People are using this a lot because it is legal and they can easily get a prescription for this drug. In fact, a lot of weed legal states can be seen where people can easily use this type of drug which is made from the leaves of the cannabis plant. Now I am going to describe some more facts about marijuana by which you are able to collect the best possible details regarding this drug.

The working process of marijuana

THC is the main active chemical in this drug and you can find the highest concentration of this ingredient in the flowers or leaves. When a person inhales the smoke of marijuana then THC come into the brain by passing through lungs. This drug affects a lot to the certain areas of the brain such as cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and many others which basically influence the coordination sensory and the confederation of the mind. Generally, people smoked marijuana as a cigarette and people use this on a wide scale.

Moreover; there are a lot of effects which can be seen of consuming marijuana which is the most used drug item. When you take this in a huge amount then it increases the heart rate and reduced the psychomotor coordination. Not only this, in fact, you can also see the reduction in blood pressure and increase in appetite.

Many people take this drug in a high amount which makes them addicted and they also have to face a lot of problems after the long term use.