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It was a year ago I created an ecommerce store and my store was the next best in town. I had spent a lot of time altering the template provided by PrestaShop; making sure everything was perfectly ready for launch.

But even when I had finished setting-up my ecommerce store I still had to conclude on a web hosting for PrestaShop as that was the ecommerce software I used for my store. I have described below my secrets to choosing the ideal web hosting provider for a PrestaShop e-commerce store:

SECURITY: Of course, you do not want hackers to steal or take away confidential information especially when it has to do with customers’ detail such as credit card details, name and phone numbers/address. A private SSL helps prevents your ecommerce store from hackers. Ecommerce store owners should choose a web hosting provider that provides a private SSL for securing their system.

In my case I use InMotion Hosting as they offer security on all web hosting plans for hosting para prestashop.

STORAGE: picking a web hosting provider with poor storage plan isn’t a good idea. Ecommerce stores always contain pictures and the quantity of products will determine the quantity of pictures. So you need to consider storage space and speed when choosing a provider. It’s advisable for every ecommerce store to go for unlimited storage and bandwidth size to accommodate high influx of traffic.

SPEED: Customers stay longer searching for products and going through tons of products profiles on your ecommerce store. If your site takes a long time to load pages and images customers will lose interest waiting for a page to display products.

Site loading speed is very important and the efficiency of your web hosting provider or host determines the speed as they play a major role.