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Imagine a tiny crawling cockroach coming and resting on your lap as you recline in the comfort of your couch. Quite a nightmare right? When such pests set up their homes in your carefully maintained abode, it can be quite unsettling and most of us try to prevent this by adopting pest control. However, merely using a cockroach killer to eliminate one roach is pointless because they multiply rapidly and targeting their nest is the solution.

The biggest hurdle is finding the nest because often, these tiny creatures set them up at unreachable spots like crevices, wall cracks, etc. Hence, the technique to be adopted is to use a recommended poison which works slowly, thus allowing the infected roach to pass on the infection to every other roach in the nest, thus destroying the entire population.

Apart from this, other techniques are to use exterminators which are proven to be extremely effective but it can burn a hole in your pocket and may not be economically feasible for many. Adhesive traps are another option where roaches are attracted to the spots where this is applied and once they reach the spot, they are trapped. This has the property of a glue which works for wandering roaches but the nest remains unaffected. Thus, poisonous baits are the best bet because they are cheap and extremely effective and one popular option is boric acid in the form of tablets. It is a non-toxic technique which kills the pests extremely slowly by dehydrating them and ensuring that if one is affected, the entire population will be wiped out.

There are plenty of sprays, powders and tablets available in the market which vary in price and effectiveness but one can rest assured that if the underlying technique used is poisoning, the pest control will be effective. So go ahead and give your house the cleansing it requires!