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During the initial introduction of penis pumps in the world of medicine, there’s no ‘best penis pumps’ out there because there was a single option available for everyone. Sure, dozens of manufacturers were present, but all of them only offered air pressure pumps; air pressure pumps make use of air in creating negative pressure. But today, penis pumps are a lot more effective and comfortable, some are even water based which we call hydro pumps. These hydro pumps use water instead of air in producing vacuum pressure; hydro pumps are said to be a lot more comfortable compared to others. Below is the best penis pump available today:

The Bathmate

Considered as the pioneer in hydro pump, Bathmate began with a series called Hercules but has now improved and turned into different sets of pumps. Every model and design is better and more effective than its predecessors; they’re more efficient in accommodating varying pressure needs and penis sizes. Urologists everywhere recommend the usage of penis pumps in any related treatment, you can even check out interviews from users regarding its effectivity.

Bathmate has a wide array of choices with regards to the pump’s size, even though the original models are available the bestselling would be the Hydromax series. Below are the specifications:

  • Bathmate Hercules

offers considerable results in a short amount of time and 250% better compared to pumps that use air. According to users, penis size can increase anywhere from 5 cm to 2 inches.

  • Bathmate Goliath

around 30% bigger when compared to Hercules and is able to accommodate a length of 5 inches so there’s a lot more room for growth.


  • Bathmate Hydromax Series

soft-sealing system alongside complete support through the comfort ring which reduce pressure on certain areas. Compared to other models, can generate around 35% better suction thanks to the new pump system.