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Small accidents are practically unavoidable in a home with small children and pets; broken plates, scratches on the furniture and of course spills on the carpet. Who wouldn’t go for same day carpet cleaning in Irvine if possible? Sure, it will cost you money but cleaning the entire carpet and the surrounding area yourself will cost you time and effort which you may want to spend somewhere else. What’s more is that, since the people hired are professionals, there will be no fear of damaged furniture or ineffective cleaning methods; these are likely events with those that forcibly turn the chore in a DIY thing.

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

Considered as a high quality carpet cleaning service by all sorts of customers and clients, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning follows an effective process where the moment they arrive at the location they verify the agreements and service stated. Once the explanations, recommendations and terms are agreed on and are out of the way, the staff will move furniture out of the way to facilitate deep and thorough cleaning; do take note that certain furniture are immovable like beds and entertainment sets.

Pre-vacuuming the floor is the initial step, a crucial step in quickly picking up loose dirt and dust on the carpet and the surrounding area. The next step would be applying a cleaning solution called low-moisture citrus on the carpet. Rest assured that the cleaning solutions are free of chemicals and other toxic substances. After the solution has been applied, the grime and dirt will slowly break down. In a few minutes a strong cleaning equipment picks up all the dirt and grime. For areas that require any kind of special process or attention, the cleaner is applied multiple times which takes away stubborn grime and dirt.