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For all the DIY enthusiasts out there that want to take their projects seriously, you’ll be acutely aware of the benefits and features of a handy home air compressor. If you already own a home air compressor, have you thought of the convenience of air hose reels that comes with the said compressor? An organized garage is a safe garage; imagine numerous tools scattered around in the area, it doesn’t seem like an incredible safe garage to do all the projects. Here are the top options for air hose reels.

L815153G Air Hose Reel by Goodyear

Assembled in the USA, specifically the hose was made in the USA and the reel from China, the Goodyear hose reel features a hose that’s screened by Goodyear themselves. The L815153G has the standard 50 feet hose measured at 3/8”; these hoses are available for light as well as medium duty usage. Not like the other air hose reel with low prices and even lower quality, L815153G won’t immediately crumble, deform or crack even if placed on areas with all sorts of corrosive oils and liquids. On top of that, it was designed in a way that could withstand temperatures anywhere from -40 degrees all the way up to an outstanding 190 degrees.

P-LP-350 Air Hose Reel from Coxreels

Coxreels is a company based in the USA and offers varying kinds of reels and hoses since 1923. The P-LP-350 air hose reel has the standard measurements of 50 feet and with the size of 3/8 inches; it can withstand up to 300 psi in terms of internal air pressure. In order to avoid the kinks and maintain the organized hose, spring driven technology is installed; it is made from durable steel alongside axle support for seamless operation and usage.