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The best wedding photographers are in Toronto… and I say this without any bias of any form of incentive by the side. Some may want to shake the table a bit by daring to argue with facts; however, before we go down this lane, I have made a list of solid proof. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to try and prove me wrong! Now let’s begin shall we?

Elegant wedding

If you have been to Toronto and you are into the business of photography then you have probably heard of Elegant Wedding. These guys are the black belts of wedding photography. Elegant specializes in happily ever afters, taking every shot to another level. Elegant captures moments that one happen once in a lifetime, allowing people to relive their happiest moments over and over again. The artisan spirit of the brand is simply overwhelming, find out more here

Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography

Hands on photography! These photography sages do not only take the best and most unforgettable shots, the also create these rare moments by interaction. People feel more at ease when they don’t have a giant camera pointed at them every minute, they become more expressive and this leads to the best shots ever.

Lucas T Photography

The Lucas brand specializes in photojournalism and wedding coverage with a high sense of creativity which is evident in the quality of tons of albums produced on every event. When searching for the best wedding photographer Toronto has to offer you will find Lucas T on the top list as always.

Revo’s Photo & Videos

This brand provides a mixture of romance, elegance, fun and a touch of uniqueness that only they can provide. They are the self-proclaimed Da Vinci of wedding photographers and they easily live up to this name with their excellent masterpieces.