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Many of us in our life at least one-time playing video games and we enjoy very much. Visual graphics in video games easily attract us, and we spent more time on it. Because of excessive use of video games many study issues rise, and it can be the negative point of our career. So we think twice before spending more time on video games. As my knowledge some negative points I share with you and you can also check out 먹튀사이트 to know more about these negative points.

Bad performance of the study

Many hours of playing games negatively affect a child’s study. If a child regularly plays video games is at increased risk of attention problems on the study. Long hours of spending on video games rise sleeping problems and if he is not sleeping properly, not paying attention in school or class and his marks or grade is decreasing rapidly, and due to the negligence of study he destroys his career.

Affect the brain system

Many scientists and researchers say that video games negatively affect our brain system. Children who are growing brain and due to the playing of video games brain engaged in it and not attention on other work or other physical activities. Game addiction makes mind dull and boring for other things and children not focused on study and social life or family.

Make us aggressive

Many types of violent games make children aggressive and violent. Today the very popular game is PUBG and this game not for only children it also playing by anyone. This game is the survival task, and many types of Weapons use on it. This type of game makes children violent and aggressive in behavior.

Affect the student sports

A school has many types of sports team and children play on them but excessive use of playing video games they not focused on the sports team and not performing up to mark performance on it. Many health problems arise and body not stay active.