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Fortnite comes with three modes, where the players can play and spend the free time. This survival game is present for plenty of different modes such as Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows and many more. However, the majority of the players play at a personal computer with the use of Fortnite pc cheats. In order to know about the description of these modes, read the complete article.

Fortnite: Save the World

In this mode, the players play against the environment. The game is basically set after the storm in which the majority of the population disappear. The remained survivors are attacked by husks, which are the kind of zombies. The players will basically take the role of commanders, who gain different resources, save the maximum survivors. By playing more and getting experience, they will also be leveled up.

Fortnite Battle Royale

100 players play against each other for being the last remained player at the map because the last player becomes the winner. The players are airdropped with the help of a battle bus, and they are weaponless while landing.

After this, they land and collect many weapons for attacking as well as defending. In addition to this, they are also required to pay attention to survival because this is fundamental. Space will slowly shrink, which encourage the players to encounter each and player and finish the game.

Fortnite Creative

Well, Fortnite creative is the sandbox game mode. The players will get freedom in order to do anything. They can go for race courses as well as pick the option of the battle arena. In fact, they will also be allowed to perform a number of different challenges. In short, the players can do whatever they are willing to do at the island.