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October is almost round the corner. Once again, it’s the time to kick-start the preparations for the coming Halloween. You must have already chalked out a list for your Halloween costumes. Do you have furry friend at home? You must be planning to get a nice Halloween outfit for him as well. But the problem is, we humans tend to take lots of preparations while getting our halloween costumes for adults. But not much planning gets into choosing costumes for our pets. The most important thing here is to take care of their safety factor. The post below shares a brief on the safety tips to mind when you go out to choose a Halloween outfit for your awesome friend.

Is it comfortable enough?

Be watchful of signs of anxiety or stress while you put the outfit on him. If your dog shows any hint of discomfort or inconvenience, do not ever force him to put it on. A lot of dogs are uncomfortable in full-fledged clothing. In that case, it’s better to stick to minimalist things like an orange bow tie or a bandana to keep the Halloween vibe without disturbing your pet.

Don’t limit senses or movements

Even if your pet is okay with full-fledged costume, be careful about choosing a one. You should not make him wear anything that can limit his movement. Also, make sure your chosen costume doesn’t restrict his sight, hearing, breathability as well as capacity to eat, bark, defecate or urinate.

Keep his head free

If you are planning to deck your pet up in a nice orange hat, please don’t. It’s better to keep his/her head free as that would be more convenient and comfortable for the pet.

Go for bright colors

This point is especially important if your dog is really small. Get a costume in bright shade so that he can be easily spotted on road or amid a crowded party.