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There are so many options to consider when choosing which silver jewelry to buy. While there are many determining factors, not everyone knows the tips to find the best quality available. These types of jewelry are surely expensive and rare, which is why many people imitate these pieces of jewelry.

To make sure that you get the most out of your money by purchasing authentic and fine silver jewelry, here are some tips that you should always keep in mind.

  1. Look for Hallmarks

The first thing to know about authentic silver jewelry is that it has a hallmark. These markings are incredibly tiny and you can barely find it with your naked eye. Real sterling silver jewelry should have a hallmark that says .925 or STERLING.

 Issue an Appraisal

Whenever you are not confident with the jewelry, you can always take it to a jewelry appraiser to conduct an expert analysis on your jewelry. However, getting an appraisal requires payment so make sure that you are prepared with the fee, but it is worth the money if you want to know the quality of your jewelry.

  1. Test the Authenticity

You might doubt and wonder if these tests might harm your jewelry; the answer is no. These are just minor physical test that you can do if you want to ensure the authenticity of your silver jewelry. The first test is through a magnet, second is by rubbing the jewelry with a white clean cloth, and last is the sound test.

There are also unmentioned tips like avoiding online sellers and doing price canvass, but these are the most practical tips that you can apply to avoid getting deceived by cheap silver jewelry sellers on your next silver jewelry shopping.