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It was in 2017 when the entire world was surprised by cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, had its value surge to almost $20,000. This historic moment in digital finance and trading had everyone wanting to invest and trade in Bitcoin. This has also allowed for various Bitcoin trading platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution to open its network to those who want to join the Bitcoin craze.

Though the value of Bitcoin has dropped significantly since, the number of people still willing to invest and trade in Bitcoin has not wavered. While the volatility of the value of Bitcoin made some people skeptical about its future, for others it’s an attractive opportunity to trade, invest, and earn.

Veteran Bitcoin traders have shared general tips on how to trade Bitcoin, which loosely translates to the popular “buy low, sell high” tactics that almost everyone dealing in finance know already. Going in-depth, here are some popular Bitcoin trading strategies traders use to gain profit:

Day-trading strategy

This particular approach involves making decisions and trade position based on short-term movements of the Bitcoin market.  This require close monitoring of Bitcoin value to be able to close out at the end of the trading day in profit. This can only be useful if one is diligent enough to keep updated on recent Bitcoin news.

Swing trading strategy

This particular strategy makes use of patterns and trends that form in the Bitcoin market through a longer period of time. This entails holding on to a position based on previous trends and waiting until the trend runs its course and starts to show signs of impending reversal.

Scalping strategy

This strategy involves making frequent trades based on even the most minor price movements in the Bitcoin market. This will ensure continuous profit in small scale as opposed to waiting for drastic movements before deciding to trade for bigger profits.