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There are lots of controversies around CBD. The popularity is high but so is the controversy. People still don’t have a clear idea about CBD’s production and its uses. It is found out in many reports that CBD is extremely beneficial to treat the symptoms of various physical and mental ailments. However, all research institutes don’t agree on the same matter. As one component of CBD is used for entertainment purpose and people get high with it, many people think it is not safe to use.  

Another question along with the safety of CBD is that if CBD is eco-friendly or not. To bring a conclusion to this you must understand what CBD isCBD is basically a cannabidiol which is a derivation and processed element of cannabis plant. There are two types of plants, one of cannabis and one is hemp and both are used for medicinal purposes and entertainment.  

The process of making CBD is eco-friendly so is the product itself. With the refillable cbd juul pods you can be surer of the fact. It is plant-based product and it is farmed for the leaves, bark, fruit and seeds. The effect of CBD is not also harmful for the environment because it comes it oil format, capsule, cream and vape juice. The gas it emits from vape is not volatile for the others because the base can be customized.  


Here are some instances to prove that CBD products are eco-friendly.  

  • Hemp consists of Keurig-compatible coffee pods which are completely recyclable or compostable.  
  • CBD skincare and topical company infuses CBD in recyclable materials.  
  • The antibacterial and antioxidant properties that exist in CBD help to protect skin and regenerate it with the paper packaging and printed with nontoxic, plant-based inks. 
  • The hemp is farmed through regenerative agriculture process along with vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs. 
  • Organic hemp oil is packed with 100 % biodegradable and plantable things that is helpful to rejuvenate the bee population. 

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