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Fans of movie-based video games will devour From Russia With Love and if you are a James Bond fan you probably already have. Like it’s predecessor Everything or Nothing, From Russia With Love has Bond in third-person view. EA even got Sean Connery to do the voice overwork. This game follows the original movie plot very well and should impress even the harshest of critics. All the fans are absolutely going to love this movie. If you want to watch the movies then there are various options like 123 movies that you can checkout. 

Prepare to be immediately thrust into the action as James Bond in this title. The first level is designed to familiarize you with the controls and gameplay. Bond’s movements are fluid and realistic and the controls are simple enough without being too rudimentary. There are stealth attacks and hand to hand combat moves available to James as well as the ability to wield a number of different weapons. The shooting in From Russia With Love is very similar to the shooting in the Grand Theft Auto games in that you lock on to an enemy with the left trigger and fire with the right. You are also given the option to shoot in “Bond Mode”. The advantage is that your view is slightly zoomed in and you are given target points to shoot for. These could be anything from a grenade on a guards belt to a rocket in his backpack. You can even take out any guards repelling by shooting their ropes. Bond Mode offers a precision that adds to the game experience very much.

Throughout each of the levels, you will find schematics that will award you research points. Some will be stumbled upon, some will require a bit of searching. They will be worth either five or ten points. These points are used to purchase upgrades for your weapons and gadgets. For instance, you may increase the clip size of your favorite gun or the battery power in your laser watch. You can purchase armor upgrades for Mr. Bond or improve the armor on your Q-Copter. Have fun arming James for any occasion.

The levels follow the movie plot with only minor adjustments to accommodate the game. The cut scenes are entertaining if not a little long and the graphics look amazing. There is a nice variety of missions using Bond’s 1963 Astin Martin, complete with machine guns and surface to air missiles, the infamous rocket pack and on foot. Some levels require you to use a combination of foot travel and rocket pack or car. It’s a welcome break from the monotony of running everywhere without putting unnecessary emphasis on driving or flying.

The AI leaves something to be desired. The enemies are slow to shoot and their aim is lacking, even in 00 Agent mode. The only real challenging shootouts come when you face swarms of enemies. The lack of difficulty is made up of wonderfully textured explosions, precision aiming and level challenges. Each level has a “Bond Moment” for you to try and make happen. Whether blowing the door to a secret room using the Q-Copter, swinging into an enemy through a closed window or causing explosions of alarming proportions, the Bond Moments up the entertainment ante considerably.

From Russia With Love offers a cinematic gaming experience Bond fans should enjoy but may lack the difficulty to impress someone after a serious third-person shooter. It doesn’t hold much replay value due to sub-par AI and a multi-player without online capability but there are some great extras and bonus levels to unlock. With the 007 crowds, From Russia With Love is sure to be a favorite and will have many saying, “the name’s Bond…James Bond.”