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The weather has gotten warmer, and the kids are out of school. If you have a backyard pool or a community swimming pool nearby, you will probably be spending many afternoons there. You may be invited to a friend’s house for a pool party, or you may be taking a vacation and will have access to a pool at a hotel or campground.  TriFactor announced a program in which proper attention will be paid to the safety of the children. Experts will guide them in the depth of pool on how to swim without injuries. 

No matter which pool you visit, you will want to take every precaution to keep the kids safe during their play. I have listed a few ways to do that below.

Supervision, supervision, supervision!

When the kids are in the pool, there should always be an adult to keep a close eye on them. The adult should know how to administer CPR if possible, in the case of an emergency.

For children under the age of five, or for any children who are not able to swim, touch supervision should be in place. Touch supervision is when an adult is in the pool and within arms’ reach of the child.

Follow the rules!

Public pools will have signs posted that list the pool rules, and they should be reviewed and followed. Even if you are enjoying a private pool, there are several rules that should be followed to keep everyone safe. The walkway around the pool will likely be wet and slippery, so there should be no running or horseplay.

Before diving into the water, make sure that the water is designated for diving. Water usually needs to be eight feet or deeper for safe diving.

Because most everyone will be walking around in their bare feet, you want to be sure that there is not any broken glass on the ground. Use unbreakable containers for water and snacks.

Watch the weather!

Keep an eye on the weather, especially when the sky gets cloudy. The kids may be having a blast, but everyone should get out of the water at the first sound of thunder or the first flash of lightening, and move indoors.

Use sunscreen!

Sunscreen should be applied liberally, even when spending time in the water. Choose a brand that is waterproof, and has an SPF rating of 15 or higher. Even when using waterproof sunscreen, it should be reapplied often to ensure proper coverage and protection.

Make sure rescue equipment is available!

Even before putting your feet, or your kids’ feet, in the water, you should make sure that there is rescue equipment close by and readily available. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, you want to be sure that you have access to a life preserver or shepherd’s hook. You should also make sure that a phone is close by.

Playing games and cooling off in the pool are great ways to spend time with the kids during these hot summer days. Following these few tips will help to keep them safe and free to enjoy pool fun all summer long.