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Thinking that you cannot make quality pizzas in your oven? Uh-uh, think again! Here, we will tackle secrets to making a pizza ngon.

A good pizza crust composes of many things: crispy outside, fluffy inside and soft and chewy altogether. It takes the perfect mixture of pizza sauce, pizza crust and toppings in order to make quality homemade pizza. The key principles of topping selection and dough making are essential to acing any type of pizza, whether you prefer calzone, deep dish or thin crust.

Below are some secrets to making delectable pizza right at home.


The most basic, yet important part of pizza making to ensure a quality taste. Prepare the needed tools such as pizza peel, pizza cutter, a stone, etc. Otherwise, you’ll find some pizza recipes off-putting.


There is an evident difference between a standard spanked-together and a really flavorful crust. The different is evenly found in the rise time and hydration of the dough. Put more amount of water in the dough so it will be chewier on the inside and crispier on the outside.


The best pizza sauce? The one that is made from quality canned tomatoes and is not cooked. Yes, you read it right! Just a blender and a colander will do. So, get rid of those jarred pasta sauce or stop cooking the sauce.


If you really want a gourmet pizza, don’t put caviar or extremely obscure toppings. What you need is something fresh that you would enjoy eating. Just use great ingredients and present it plainly. That is more preferable.

When cooking, make the pizza hot and keep it hot. The oven must get equal to at least five-hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s it! With these little secrets, you can surely enjoy better homemade pizza.


You would love to know about a cooking method that has little to no risks of over-cooking and getting your food burned. With the vacuum cooking method called Sous Vide Cooking, you can make fantastic meals and snacks in your kitchen like never before! If you want to learn more about this awesome cooking method, sousvidewizard.com can surely help you.

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Sous Vide cooking is getting popular today, and you would want to learn how to do it in your own kitchen. You would love to prepare delicious meals and goodies like how various restaurants cooks it, thus you must learn the sous vide method and do it in your own home.

Sous Vide Cooking is the method of cooking through the use of vacuum. It’s basically sealing the ingredients in a cooking bag, and cooking it in water with precise temperature. Not to be confused with usual boiling, Sous Vide cooking requires specialized equipment to achieve vacuum cooking that could provide even temperature throughout the process. This is the main secret why sous vide cooking creates awesomely delicious meals!

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Carrabba’s Italian Grill, also known as Carrabba’s, is an restaurant chain located in America. It offers a wide range of lip smacking Italian-American cuisine. The popular chain was started on December 26, 1986 by founders John Charles Carrabba and Damian Mandola. The first restaurant was opened in Houston, Texas. Today there are more than 250 branches that offer the same delicious Italian grilled food.

The main reason behind the popularity of Carrabba’s Italian Grill is that both the founders John Charles Carrabba and Damian Mandolaare great food lovers. Their passion of food is the reason that brought them together for this venture. Most of the recipes that are used for preparing the dishes you can find at Carrabba’s menu are inspired by Damian Mandola’s mother and sister.

The food prepared in the household became the foundation for the delicacies prepared at Italian Grill and this is what lends it the authentic taste. These recipes were also featured on a cooking show that was jointly hosted by Carrabba and Mandola.

One of the most talked about dishes at the restaurant is Chicken Bryan, which is a popular Italian grilled dish. It is made from grilled chicken breast, which is topped with sundried tomatoes, caprino cheese, and basil lemon-butter sauce. What is really special about the dish is that it is named after a city Bryan (Texas).

When talking about the specialty of food served at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Damian Mandola once said that Italian food is not just about red sauces and spaghetti. With his authentic and traditional recipes, Mandola hopes to retain the old days flavor. He wants people to get the taste of real Italian flavor in the food served at their restaurant. This is one of the biggest reasons why Carrabba’s Italian Grill is still going strong after so many years.