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Spending twenty-some years of my life watching movies, I know what is good and what is bad. This is a list compiled of the good of the bad and ugly. These movies are the movies you just have to watch because words can not describe their badness fully.

Blues Brothers 2000 – there never should have been a remake. Once John Belushi died the Blues Brother should have retired. At the beginning of the movie, being a John Belushi fan made me almost cry. Elwood gets out of jail and waits for his brother and they have to tell him he’s dead, this all had to figured out by the die hard Blues Brother fan, it was unspoken.

That was so sad, but the best part of the movie. So the movie goes from strip club, to kid, too overall dramatic scenes, and of course John Goodman taking Belushi’s spot. Watch this movie to check out all the musical stars hidden in many of the scenes, or get a copy and burn it in John’s honor.

It’s Pat: The Movie hell all SNL movies

A Night at the Roxbury, Coneheads, Superstar, they were funny on television for a few minutes. But did anyone really thing more then a few minutes was not annoying

Dungeons and Dragons: the Movie. Ok I know it’s a video game right? So why is Marlon Wayans in it? Then there is a dwarf that somewhere appears. They should not have named it Dungeons and Dragons they should have named it idiots doing idiotic things. But again you can not stop watching it just to see the next stupid thing that’s going to happen.

He-Man: Masters of the Universe- Being a child of the 80’s, I grew up with He-Man. But honestly who thought turning this cartoon into a non animated movie was dumb. The prince valiant haircut does not look good. Then there is this whole jumping through a portal theme of the movie. I never once thought He-Man was in a different dimension. The characters from the movie did not always match up with the cartoon and Skelator much scarier as a cartoon. Nice try but def not something I could watch as a serious 80’s fan.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space- Clowns in general is a very scary thought. But giant ones that kill people with cotton candy that’s funny. Apparently a space ship dropped to a town and need to refuel on cotton candy covered humans. It is a very stereotypical movie about kids who get in trouble in town. Make a game into and see who can come up with the most. Here are a few points for you, kids going to make out point and clowns that have big red shoes and noses.

Howard the Duck – Lea Thompson stars in this awful movie. It is about a talking duck, do I need say more.

Jaws: The Revenge – The Jaws people ran out of ideas on this one. This movie ignores the other movies, where the shark is killed! The plot consists of a witch doctor possing a shark. The shark actually roars, which I find to be pretty inplasible.

Brady Bunch the Movie- Was it suppose to be making fun of the original? It was all to stupid for my taste. Plus the incest theme humor was not funny and never is.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! – See this just for Sly Stallone being in a comedy. We barely understood him in Rocky or Rambo, so putting him in a comedy was great. Then of course his mother being Estelle Getty from The Golden Girls, added to the believeablity. The plot was dumb, the humor was dimwitted, and overall should of never been made.

In order to avoid such horrors of movies industry, you get cyberflix with a selection of awesome movies that you can filter according to their ratings and reviews from credible sources. This way you get a selection of movies that are really good and according to your movie taste.


Custom optical filters are filters capable of accepting and discriminating signals depending on which is to be allowed or discarded and is implemented on a glass or plastic device in an optical path.

Applications of Custom Optical Filters include:

  • Laser line separation.
  • Fluorescence.
  • Environmental testing.
  • Medical instrumentation.
  • Flame photometry etc.

What is Photography?

This is the art of creating images by recording light or any other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically, by means of an image sensor, or a light-sensitive object such as photographic film.

Filters in Photography

Filters add interesting imagery flavors to pictures and with the emergence of Adobe Photoshop, they have become easily accessible by anyone at any given time. Nevertheless, custom optical filters still have a huge role to play in instilling magical touches to photographs with each filter having its specific function. 

In photography, the use of lens optical filters cannot be overemphasized as they help to:

  1. Improve images by creating more enhanced colors and removing distractions from the image.
  2. Give accurate exposure of any image taken.
  3. Protection of the lens during shooting against possible crack and scratches.

What are the functions of Custom Optical Filters in Photography?

Custom optic filters have gained a lot of recognition in photography business due to its wide range of usage and performs various functions such as:

  1. Color subtraction (which may also color separation): This effect sets aside some colors of light while allowing other colors illuminate more. They are mostly used in printing houses even though the concept is gradually growing out of extinction and is being replaced by better digital solution.
  2. Polarizing: The polarizing effect with its colorless attribute, entails filtering out light without affecting the color balance. It is also used for exterminating unnecessary reflections giving the picture a good saturation.
  3. Enhancement of contrast: Contrast enhancement is prominent with color filters which helps in altering different colors in picture imagery.
  4. Light balancing: It is also known as color conversion filters which are used in creating a balance in film lighting.
  5. Color correction
  6. Ultraviolet effects etc.

What’s that? You just decided to get your own home? Well, that’s great but if you do that you should at least make the right decision about the kind of property that you’d want to buy. In order to do that, you desperately need to do everything right from the very beginning. This means you need a really good real estate agent. In this article, we are going to hand over some tips on how to do that. 

Go To A Lender First

We know lots of people who prefers getting an agent before going to a lender. However, it is most recommended that you know how much you can afford first before doing so. Aside from being able to stick to the right price range, it also tells your agent that you are serious about your plan to get a home. 

Ask For Referrals 

There are plenty of ways to look for real estate agents. There are sites likes https://pattayaprestigeproperties.com/ where can find a whole bunch of properties with their respective realtors but you need one who you can really trust. In that case, you might as well ask for referrals from people whom who also trust. This way, you can also ask for tips on how to better deal with this particular realtor. 

Interview At Least Three People

Just because you are asking for referrals does not mean that you are going to go ahead and hire someone just because your friend says so. 

You need to select your top three candidates. Once you have, it is then time to have them in for an interview. 

It doesn’t have to be the serious time. Just ask them to tell you all about themselves. This will enable you to gauge whether or not you think you will be able to work well with this person. Apart from that, now would be a good time to tell you all about their presentation. 

One rule of thumb is that the more effort they put into their presentation, the better they may be. 

Looking for a unique gift to give a young lady that will be both used often and deeply appreciated? If they have a navel piercing, a belly ring makes an excellent, inexpensive gift. Belly rings are small and easy to mail to someone as well. Body jewelry is never returnable, so you need to chose your purchase wisely.

Belly rings are one of the few pieces of body piercing jewelry that are a standard size. A few very petite women may have their belly pierced with a 16 gauge belly ring. Almost all belly rings are 14 gauge, this measurement refers to the thickness of the shaft that is inserted into the body. The length of belly rings, with 7/16 of an inch as the standard, refers to the length of the shaft. The length is the space between the ball on the top and the ball on the bottom. Women rings with different designs are available at reasonable rates. With the rings, same jewelry can be purchased from reartone.com.

Belly rings come in a wide variety of materials. Stainless steel, gold, titanium and acrylic are common materials used. Gold is the most expensive material, acrylic and steel are the least expensive. This does not mean that you would be considered cheap if you bought steel or acrylic. Many women are active in sports or have jobs where they may prefer a belly ring that is made entirely from acrylic. Acrylic belly rings are flexible and they usually do not have dangling charms that may get caught on objects.

You really need to know the person you are buying a belly ring as a gift for very well. Belly rings come in logos, which can be sayings or cartoon characters, plain round balls, or jeweled styles. Jeweled styles may dangle or there may just be one stone as the bottom ball. People with small children or pets that jump up on them may find a dangling belly ring cumbersome. You can find very feminine belly rings, gothic styles and anything in between.

Belly rings can be bought at jewelry stores and online. Online prices are usually much less expensive. Make sure you buy the body jewelry from a store that specializes in body jewelry, the quality is usually much better.

Only purchase a belly ring as a gift if you are sure the person will like the style that you have chosen. Body jewelry is not returnable just like pierced earrings cannot be returned to most stores. A gift belly ring can cost as little as $5.00 for an acrylic or steel belly ring, up to $50 for a gold or titanium belly ring. Belly rings with diamonds will of course cost more, cz stones and rhinestones are less expensive. You can use a regular ring box to make your present look extra special and have a great gift for less than $20.