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Most of the time an ad is just going to be more annoying than anything. However, there are some out there on the world wide web that unfortunately comes to collect your information for spamming and sometimes even have you download software that leads to spyware and sometimes viruses.

Be cautious where you click. An extremely common kind of ad that you will see is one that tells you something like you are the 1000th visitor and have won a free laptop. Where exactly does this take you? I have never seen a legitimate place that this kind of ad takes you to that was giving away a laptop. They just want your information. You may also notice that there are ads that ask you to do something, such as race a car by clicking on the ad. Most of these kinds of ads are looking to get your information too so they can sell it to companies who want to spam you, unfortunately. This is where you can use an alternate email address that you can use if you visit any new website. This way spammers would not be able to find email address that you use for personal use. You can protect yourself from spam emails and other cybersecurity issues as well. 

Thankfully a rearer ad is one that is, even more, deceiving than the free laptop giveaway. These ads are known as layer ads and they are designed to look like a message from your operating system. I have never encountered one myself, as a work at home mom who does a lot on the computer I try and have up to date anti-virus software for these sort of things. I do know people who have encountered this kind of “ads.” These are the ads that mislead you into downloading software that is full of spyware and potentially can give you viruses.

If you suspect that what you are viewing is this sort of ad don’t click it. Fraudulent advertisers are finding more and more ways to slip through the cracks of pop-up blockers and other ad recognizing programs. Enable your pop-up blocker, if your browser offers that feature, to minimize the number of pop-up ads that you will encounter.

The standard ads like banners, buttons, and text links will still completely exist on the internet. There isn’t a whole lot that you could do about that. Some people who truly hate advertising will donate money to forums, some forums offer this option, so they won’t have ads displayed on that forum while they are logged in to their account. It is in the interest of the forum to offer this because the money that they would have potentially made from the ads the user may have clicked equals out to what the user donates. The user is happy to support the forum they enjoy visiting and doesn’t want to deal with ads so they don’t mind paying. Some anti-virus programs can eliminate certain ads with certain options chosen.

Something that can help you with the annoyance with ads is to disable Java and/or Javascript within your internet browser. It is best to enable it for some sites that use it to provide navigation. Dropdown menus are only one example of how Javascript is used to navigate through a site.

There is no easy way to avoid internet advertising if there was there wouldn’t be an internet because it needs internet advertising to survive.

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