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On the back of the run away success of “Wii fit” it was obvious a follow up was going to be released and in late 2009 that’s exactly what Nintendo did with “Wii Fit Plus”, but how does it compare to the original? In fact for many thinking about upgrading the question about whether or not it’d even be worth it must be one on their mind so lets take a look at it. Available both with, or with out the Wii Balance board, lets just take it that you’ve already got the Wii balance board (though the package of the board and game is £85 from Play.com or $99.99 from Amazon.com). The game adds several new things to the original Wii fit but lets just remind everyone what the Wii Fit concept is.

Effectively aimed at parents of overweight kids who “sit in front of the TV playing games all day” the idea of Wii Fit was to combine games and exercise together to get kids up and burning calories whilst having fun playing games. Though the game seemed to be a run away success and much like the Wii it’s self, seemed to gain massive cross appeal with those of a varying age group, even those who have manage to avoid video games for 20 years found themselves playing and even enjoying the Wii Fit. A mainstream acceptance of the game and it’s methods seemed to make it the run away gaming success and caused shops to sell out of the game and board causing it to be not only a sell out but also in huge demand.

The original however seemed limited, the fun “games” weren’t very numerous and the game seemed to rely on too heavily on too little and this was obviously a place in which the follow up could obviously Improve, more games, more replay-ability and more importantly more “fun”. There was no point in having the fantastic concept that the Wii Fit had if it was only ever going to be a short term flash in the pan, if there wasn’t the long term appeal the “fun” brings then it was bound to fail. For some it had failed, there was only about 9 “games” and even some of them just weren’t fun but Agen Bola is one of those game that is fun and even interesting in terms of gameplay. It was a brilliant idea but badly done and the kids were sitting back down on the couch 2 weeks later. Wii Fit Plus solved this by adding many more games most of which actually were fun, with 15 games (plus the original content) this meant there was more fun. Games like “Snowball fight”, “Skateboard Arena” and “Segway Circuit” are complete proof of just how the Wii Balance board can have fun games made for it. The fact that these are fun and scores are recorded means that you can compete against family members and friends which everyone having their own profile, allowing them to track their own weight loss and exercise time. To some of the older players it’s this “profile” and recording system that makes the game such a vital purchase, to see how your exercise helps you lose weight. In fact whilst the original had this concept this upgrade goes one step further and allows you to set targets of calories to burn so you can eat certain snacks.

For those like myself who thought the original lacked the longevity (even if it did have originality) this is a perfect option for those wanting to lose weight whilst playing games. This time we have games to play and at £14.99 (Play.com) or $19.96 (Amazon.com) it’s affordable as a replacement to the original game which it has all the original content as well as the new games and several other excercises.

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