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The least of your worries when taking your dog to the groomer is whether they will come out with a good haircut. Millions of dogs are abused every year by groomers. In addition, even the unthinkable huge vet bills and death can occur to your beloved pet in the wrong hands. You should feel one hundred percent comfortable with who is handling your beloved family member. Making sure they are safe is number one, how good of a cut they will come home with is secondary.

  • Does your groomer have a list of long standing grooming customers? A groomer that treats animals well, and does a fantastic job grooming them should easily be able to provide you with virtually endless referrals. Happy customers love to rave about how great their dogs look and how they were pampered getting beautified.
  • Will your groomer allow you to view and watch dogs while they are being groomed? This is important so that you can see what type environment your dog will be in while they are being groomed. You should also be able to get a true sense on how the animals are treated. However, this is not always fool proof. Some grooming facilities offer web cams which is a great option to ensure your dogs well being.
  • Can you get a full tour of the grooming facility? You want to make sure the grooming salon is the real deal. Some facilities have an observation area, which is kept neat and tidy, while the rest of the salon is unsanitary, and a mess. When a workspace is kept neat, and the employees are proud of their work, it will reflect on how they treat your pet.
  • Can you watch your dog being groomed? This does not have to be a forever deal, but feel it is important that you can be in proximity of your pet during their first few grooms so that you know the groomer is going to treat your per well and that their personalities click. Sometimes dogs do not like a person and you would rather a groomer opt out that look at the money lost. Most salons have several groomers so it will not be hard to find one that works for your best friend.
  • Whats your groomers experience? This is where many people may argue but I will go with experience and a portfolio of proven before and after photos over a schooled groomer with little experience . Crudentials from schooling is nice, but I want the whole package. Ask to see photos of your groomers work along with the reference.
  • How well does your groomer communication? Being a groomer myself the hardest thing was taking my dog to someone else when life prevented me from giving my boy his haircut. I really talked to my groomer; I showed her photos of what I wanted my dog to look like. We really spent time talking, and the groomer made sure that my dog’s information was inputted in the computer so the next visit would be quick.

I hope this article will help you decide what is really important when looking for a groomer. Once you find that special person to take care of your pet, they will be your groomer for the rest of your precious ones life.

For more information about pet grooming and for some essential tips as well, you can visit http://www.colmars.com/ . This website educates people about the proper grooming and care for pets, both exotic and not.

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