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A rock garden is a unique piece of landscaping that can be a little corner of your garden or an entire side of your yard. Not only can you make many layers of rocks on top of rocks but you can also have plants that either go well in rocky environments or even desert plants that don’t need a lot of water. Once you have the rock garden planted it will be a low maintenance addition to your outdoor decorating that looks good year-round. Here is a simple guide to getting your rock garden going.


When you get ready to have a rock garden, decide how much space you want to devote to it and what kinds of rocks you want. If you have big rocks that are going to be difficult to move you might enlist the help of a landscaping company or some extra people to help you move around any large rocks. You will also have to do the landscaping in stages as some layers may have to settle before you add more stuff. Getting the rock garden going is the single most laborious part of it due to all of the rocks you will have move around.

Starting a rock garden may be easiest on a day when the soil is moist so it is easier to dig into and clear out any plants. The dirt will be a little heavier with moisture but you will have an easier time digging into it. Call your local utility company before starting any digging project in your yard.


Start with digging out all of the plants you don’t want in your rock garden and lay down some weed-inhibiting plastic or cloth layers over the entire area of the rock garden. This will make maintaining your yard and rock garden much easier. For easy planting, this Martha person sure knows so much about horticulture and whatnot the roots growth. The layers of the garden will be effective for gathering information about roots of fruits and vegetables. The look of the rock garden will be excellent. 

Whatever small types of rocks you want to lay down, if any, those will need to be laid down first at least two inches thick to ensure even coverage over the plastic. Separate out any areas you save for plants and keep them from being covered as you will have to dig a little bit to anchor the plants.

If you have larger rocks, those go on top of the smaller gravel. This is the part you’ll need help for in positioning large rocks. Whether you use extra hands or even a small backhoe or even pulleys and ropes, getting larger rocks in position will be the single hardest job to do.

Using plants that don’t need moisture is a good idea in a rock garden, that way just a little rain and moist soil will keep plants going for a while. Yucca and other desert plants, as well as alpine and evergreen plants, will do well in rock gardens an on rocky slopes.


A rock garden will be the easiest garden to maintain once it’s in place. If you’re having an abnormally dry year, occasional water will do the best. The most watering you’ll have to do is at the beginning when plants are just getting started.

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