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If you love to play league of legends, then you should know everything about runes. It is the stone-like looking material that you can get form winning the battles. You should not waste it as it is used for upgrading your favorite champion or hero. Most of the people do not know about the rune, and they waste them. Without rune, you will not be able to upgrade your hero, and it will result in loss of the battle. You can also buy elo boost29. The cheapest elo boost as it will help you in rank boosting.

There are lots of runes in the game that you will come to know about in the article. The essential thing is that you should be aware of the concept of the rune.

Here are some of the best runes you can go for-

Before discussing the rune, you should know that there are different runes for different heroes. So you need to collect them accordingly. You cannot use any of the runes on another character. Here are some of the best for you-

  • Press the attack

It is the best and powerful ruin you can go for. It helps in increasing the damage. You can use this and hit those enemies with higher force. It will make it easy for you to defeat them, and thus, you can win the battle.

  • Speed

If you want to increase the attack speed of your hero or champion, then this is the rune for you. You can use it in upgrading your hero to the next level, and your hero will start hitting at a higher speed.

  • Attack and move

You can use it in order to attack and move at the same time. It will also help in healing your health between the battle.

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