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So you know your relationship isn’t exactly going great. Once you’ve decided that you’re one of those people who are stuck in a bad relationship, you might want to continue reading this article. It may help you decide to either save or ditch your relationship in pursuit of your happiness. But before these useful tips are given, there is a crucial need to remind you that this article focuses on relationships that equates the element of love with some zest of frustration that creeps up with the factor of time (Relationship + Love + Frustration(time) = End It or Not?*). If you’ve never experienced these crucial elements, then this article is not for you.

*Warning! DO NOT use this equation to decide which direction to take in your relationship.

Now, let’s move on to the content of this article: To end or not to end it?

Firstly, it is important to decide if your relationship is worth saving. Do not forget that the crucial component in your decision here is your partner. Basically there is no point in saving a one-sided relationship. You can certainly try your absolute best to save it, but trust me, most likely you will just end up wasting your time (and let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger!). Instead, your time will be better invested in winning the love of someone who loves you in return. Seriously, why would you spend your time on someone who starts paving distance between you with ludicrous reasons? E.g. your partner starts sleeping in a separate room due to odorless gas problems that miraculously only occur at nights in your presence, or that your partner is constantly stuck in the office every night due to heavy snowstorm despite living in the desert. If your partner has given any of the excuses shown in the examples above, then do yourself a favor. Stop reading this article and go end your relationship now. Otherwise, please continue. If you decide to save your relationship, then be sure that your partner wants to save it just as much.

Secondly, be decisive about your decision. If you’re going to change your mind every few hours, days, weeks etc., then shouldn’t that be a clear enough sign that you’re just not that into your partner? Worse still, what if your partner feels just as indecisive? Uh oh… You should realize by now that love is a strong emotion that is difficult to accurately describe. It’s developed over time like a preserved fruit, acquiring its taste and becoming more refined with age. If this preserved fruit isn’t to your liking, then you will clearly have a problem with its taste. You and your partner need to decide your respective fruit preference before preserving it further. It is also important that you talk about some of the sensitive details of your life. Sex has proven to be a crucial factor in every relationship. Hence, if you have a problem in that aspect, then it is advisable that you and your partner talk about it. Sharing things like bluechew reviews should not be something to be ashamed of.

The third and important element will be the amount of effort that goes into salvaging your relationship. A relationship takes from both partners either equal effort for it to be successful or equal slackness for it to be a complete flop. And the thing that makes of breaks this factor is time. For example AA agrees to stop nagging BB about burping habit at the dining table provided that BB tries to stop this habit. This may all go well the first few days and maybe first few weeks. But habit is a tricky thing to change. BB might relapse into this habit subconsciously which will result in AA nagging BB all over again. This puts the relationship back into square one and the drama starts all over again. This constant reversion to square one can be emotionally dull for your relationship growth. So the question here is, can you and your partner be persistent in your respective efforts and avoid square one?

Thus far, the key factors in determining whether you should save it or end it can be simplified into DDET (pronounced Duh-det which ironically sounds like The Debt) which stands for Decision, Decisiveness and Effort (Time)).

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you simply can’t AND simply won’t live without your partner after reading this article despite the agony he/she sometimes put you in, then you should read Part 3 of this article: Resurrecting Your Dying Relationship. If you’ve decided to end your relationship, congratulations on wanting the best from your life, and all the best in finding your special someone.

Remember, relationship should feel effortless when you love one another. Once it starts feeling like a giant squid is awaiting to squirt you with ink with every single step you make, then it’s time to reassess (every pun intended) your relationship. At any stage of your relationship, you shouldn’t feel like you have to give your time to your partner. Instead, both of you should willingly WANT to do so .

Make it or break it, the choice is yours.

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